Beginner Strains.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jack_Herrer, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. What strain might some expert indoor growers reccommend for a first time grower?

    all answers are very much appreciated.
  2. bag seeds....
  3. are bag seeds really the easiest to grow?
  4. well yea.. if u mess up u wont be upset.... but if u want to at least good smokes.. buy off nirvana.. good quality seeds, and cheap...latezzz...
  5. bag seed might be free but it wont teach u a lot about growing as u wont know what to expect from the plant or have a benchmark to compare it to.

    for the sake of a tenna get a bag of something that takes ur fancy from nirvana.

    id surjest something like white rhino, ice or another of the white strains.

  6. i actually heard that white strains are hard to grow.
  7. ive just grown white rhino and i treated it like shit cus i had other things goin on and cudnt spend the time with it. its a tough little fuker, i got 9 oz from a 400 that was harvest early and i didnt have a full room and in soil. i left them alone for days on end and they dried out real bad, i over ferted a coupple of times cus i was on the fone while mixin my feeds. i think its a star plant for the novice or some1 that just cant grow to well and id recomend it to any1.

    i will grow it again and i'll expect much better results than just 9oz.
  8. i would agree with thug - the rhino is an excellent strain for the money.
    A very hardy plant (it will take some kicking about, and then some more if you like!) with some good yeilds. The smoke is typically indica - hashy and stoney.
    It is one of my faves when the arthiritis is bad.

    i have bought a few packs from Nirvana without any probs.
    They are cheap and discreet - good all round service.

    Another fave of mine which is fairly easy to grow - big bud x northern lights (also Nirvana) - monster yielder with shortish flower period

  9. Wow! 9 oz from a single 400 Watt lamp? How many plants did it take to get 9 oz? I am using a 400W MH right now for veg and converting to 430W HPS for flowering. I plan on growing SOG, but with only 12 plants of which 5 are feminized and 7 are not. So I expect about 7 or 8 females at least. Did you also grow SOG?
  10. (Dutch Passion) Skunk#1 and Dutch Dragon (Paradise Seeds) seems to be easy to grow, I'm only halfway through my first grow so, I cant really say for sure tho lol go take a look at my grow journal.

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