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  1. Hello GC im a first time grower looking for some simple strains to start off with, im looking for a decent indica even an indica dominate hybrid is fine with me. my setup will be an indoor tent and ill only be doing 2-4 plants. knowledgeable growers please send some journals and pics. thank you and stay medicated my friends

  2. Northern lights is great to grow, blueberry is a nice strain also.
    My advice to a new grower is to spend more money on the lights and genetics than anything. The rest of the shit does not matter much.
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  3. bag seed.. that way if you fuck something up, no money wasted ;)
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  4. Question for the experienced growers, would you recommend a photo or auto for someone's first plant? I'm confined to a space no taller than 30". 100w UFO LED.
  5. thread jacking in progress
    photo.. auto's are not recommended, any time spent in recovery will affect yield and potency. with photo you can recover from any issues and it wont affect much
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    I would say that Nirvana's Aurora Indica is easy to grow. Wether you should go with an autoflower or not is really up to you, some prefer growing with autoflower others don't like it that much, I'm personally one of those that don't like that much :)
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    true, you fuck up with autos and end up with a bong hit for a harvest.
    You do need to be dialed in to get good yields from autos.
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  8. much appreciated how much was your northern light yield, and what lights do you recommend i dont mind putting some cash into i mean taxes are coming soon;)
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  9. is there a certain reason you dont go with autoflower. my local collective has northern light clones would it be a good decision to start from seed or test my luck with a clone
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    Well for me its mainly about that autoflowers yield less, at least that is my experience, others may disagree on that I don't know and also its more fun with photo and it ain't hard really :)
  11. awesome well auto seems quicker and im not looking for a big yield at the moment
    I don't remember the yield it was over 10 years ago. I do remember it was good and that it was on my list of strains to grow again. I even crossed it with Big Bud and get better yield.
    Lights I say buy a 1,000w , get both MH and HPS, digital dimmable ballast. When you don't need 1,000w you can dim it down.
    A 1,000w is not a huge red hot monster. They are no big deal and if you get one you will want 2. I have 2 and want 2 more.
    Each light cost me $30 a month to run for 16 hours a day. Not even the price of a small bag of weed.
    good luck.

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