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  1. I am completely new to this and want to hit the ground running and stick with it. I think the growing itself is going to help me relax and give me something else to look forward too, so I know that my first won't be my last. I have a small closet (3'x4.5'x5.5') and I will be growing 2 or 3 plants, or maybe 4 smaller ones (not sure yet). I have been looking at seeds and it seems like ordering more is the way to go. If I were to buy 5 seeds, it doesn't cost all that much more ($50 or so) to get about 20. I read up on how long seeds can be stored and I think I would like to place a larger order and not have to worry about it for a good while. I have read a few books so far but I still have a lot to learn, so I would like to have my list over looked. I don't think I can post links so I won't, and I don't want to be to specific about my order, but here are the strains I'm wanting to get:

    White Widow x Big Bud
    White Widow Auto
    Easy Kush
    Afghan Kush Rider Auto
    Paradise Seeds Delahaze (free)
    Reserva Privada Kandy Kush (free)
    G13 Labs OG13 (free)

    Easy Kush would be my first grow, or 2 Easy Kush's and one BigBud x WhiteWidow. The Big Bud x White Widow is supposed to be easy to grow too and grows quick with a high THC level so that would likely be my second grow. The rest of them don't seem easier from one to the next, so it would be random from that point on. Anybody think that one of these should not be on my list?
  2. You'll find that as far as strains go, they all pretty much have their own rough spots. You just have to learn your plants, if they are picky, and adjust accordingly.

    I'd advise against autos. If you plan on ever taking cuttings and cloning, an auto won't work. One seed can make an infinite amount of cuttings.
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    Thanks. I actually don't plan on cloning at all. I will be growing so few plants that I will just pick a strain and grow it from the seed. By the way, they are all feminized.
  4. I wouldn't mess with widow for a first grow. I'd get the easy Kush or Kush rider for a forgiving first strain.

  5. Ok I will just stick with the Easy Kush as my first one. The amount of seeds I will be getting will cover 5 grows, so I will make the Widow the last. Is it harder to grow?
  6. I would recommend any kind of indica dominant strains they tend to be easier to grow if indoors but sativas for the outdoors. My first grow I grew Royal Queen's Special Kush and came out with good results for a personal stash.
  7. After the recommendations here and what I've seen reading around, I think I will stay away from the widow for now completely. I'm getting the Easy Kush, AKR, and Barney's Farm LSD. From what I've read the LSD is an easier grow too, has a height of only 40-60cm, and has one of the highest THC contents there is. I'm getting a couple sativa dominants in the freebies, nothing I can do about that, but I won't be buying them.
  8. I thought that afghani indicas like ak's are really forgiving high yielding strains... for sativa's i'd go for skunk and haze strains
  9. Blue cheese is an easy plant takes well with heat and also nutes, will litterally swallow your nute bottle whole lol
  10. For those of you who have grown the Barney's Farm LSD, how was it?

  11. I've read bad things about the germination rate. Heard it's a great smoke though.
  12. My first strains were Chemdog{greenhouse seed co.} and Diesel{dinafem}. Both were easy to grow with decent results.
  13. My first couple of grows I grew Romulan both indoors and outdoors. Its a hybrid strain that handled beginer mistakes quite well.
  14. Im going chemdog from GHS and it seems to be going really well. I topped it like 4 times and now have like 20 main colas forming lol.

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