Beginner seeds?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Xavior, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. Whats a good beginner seed? I see northern lights being thrown around alot, but there are like 7 or so different types from SeedsDirect...

    Sensi Seeds - Northern Lights
    Sagarmatha Seeds - Northern Lights #9
    KC Brains - Original Northern Lights
    Nirvana Seeds has like 4 different types...

    I'll be growing it in just regular plant pots with fluorescent lighting hanging low from the ceiling...not sure what type to use but thats ok because I wont be planting till the new year (I wish I could before then, but I wont have privacy till around that time)

    Lets see...I'd like the plant to:
    -Have a high yield/with good potency
    -Grow easy and strong
    -Require minimal care (aside from watering and lighting)
    -Stay relatively short

    Does such a seed exist??? Or have I described a dream seed.
  2. Original Northern Lights is a great strain, from the breeder K.C. Brains, very high yeilder and easy strain to grow out, very potent cured bud also!!
  3. From everything i've read on that subject i'd reccomend Durban Poison...Its potent, and requires minimal care. Not a lot of watering required and not too much light required either....Known for growing under harsh conditions with beautiful dark potent buds. ummm, f*ck what was I just gonna say.......ehhh, whatever man good luck.
  4. Durban Poisan or Top 44
  5. what is durban poisan? how much are the seeds? where can you get them from?
  6. Durban Poison around $30 for 10 seeds, from "Dutch Passion", many seed suppliers sell dutch passion.

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