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  1. Hey everyone,

    I've currently started my first grow with bag seeds just to get my feet wet and learn a little. I'm looking to order seeds online soon and I'm just wondering what would be best for a beginner.

    Here's what I'm looking for:

    -Beginner friendly strain
    -Doesn't matter the height
    -Handles well to LST
    - Also, concerned with the privacy of ordering online so if anyone knows a way about that it would be greatly appreciated

    Pretty much want something that isn't bagseed weed and will be a decent strain, but is durable to a beginner. But not that auto flower stuff. That sounds boring haha. I love growing plants and watching them grow and react to different environments.

    Thanks in advance guys!

  2. Ghs Kalashnikova!

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  3. Just check out the top selling strains on Herbies and go with what sounds good to you. They're a legit site that I've never had trouble with.
    I grew OG#18 as a freebie one time and it was delicious. Super dense, stanky and covered in trichs. That's one I plan on getting again sometime.
  4. Afghan Kush is a very good strain. It's strong, it's durable, and it can handle a few accidents. Plus it's a very good strain itself, it's a very potent indica, very nice.
  5. Thanks guys, really appreciate the information
  6. Also, I'm being told it's illegal to order seeds online? Can anyone shed some light on that for me?
  7. any northern light strains are good for noobs, afgan kush (or any kush strains) like the above, i'm doing thc bomb for the second time right now and it is potent as hell, easy to grow and it is the perfect height for my set up. seed banks that have stealth shipping is what I would look for, never had a problem, I know someones gonna have a horror story to tell but most people have zero problems when it comes to buying seeds. good luck
  8. It would help a lot if we knew what country you are in. I am in the USA and have ordered from Attitude Seeds 4 times and have received my orders every time.
    With that said, if you have a general idea of what you want to grow; indica vs sativa vs hybrid etc, etc. you can use Attitudes search option to get a better idea.
    Remember your electricity bill will be the same whether you're growing bag seed or dank. For me and my family, we choose dank.
    PeakseedsBC Kush x NL.  Beginner friendly.  Great price.  Breeder direct. Durable and good to LST.
    Also this guy uses hushmail.  If you make a hushmail account all hushmail to hushmail emails are encrypted.  Your email account dies after 3 weeks of non use and everything deleted.
  11. I'm in the USA in a state probably illegal to grow so that where I was concerned with sending something illegal to my house kinda thing. But that electric bill parts a great point, never really thought about it like that.

    Hushmail sounds like a good plan also. That solves one of the two concerns, other being payment linked to me. Or do seed banks take money order?
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    I use my paypal account for everything related to online buying, international or not. Never had a problem yet. My very first grow, I grew Dinafem White Widow and Lemon Haze. Turned out beautiful. WW is a killer and easy to grow if you don't become obsessed with killing it. What I mean is over care. It's a weed, it will grow if you give it an occasional drink and plenty of light.
    Hushmail only really good for hush to hush messages though.
    Most places do take money orders, some even accept cash in the mail.
  14. I have grown Auto and photoperiod. Both are fun to grow. Got two autos going right now, because I want a Christmas harvest. In January I'll do a Blue hash photoperiod grow for 12 weeks.
  15. I honestly think picking out a seed is super fun. I would go on herbies and attitude(I've used herbies in the US), and spend time browsing. For attitude, I start out on their promotions page, cause I love free shit...... Lol. You seem to have an idea of what you want from a care aspect, find a description that makes you think "I'm gunna smoke the hell out of that" and just go for it.

    I personally had to find something that fits my medical requirements, and that should be your primary focus if that's your goal.
  16. sweet tooth makes all go ooooooooooooooooo. think about it
  17. Seed companies sell seeds as "sue verniers" not for "growing purposes". They tend to make it more often than not from attitude, esp with discrete shipping, comes with clothes item, seeds are hidden inside.

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    Who do you buy from that takes Paypal?  I have yet to find one.  
    Thanks in advance,
  19. +1 for Herbies.  If have had incredible success rates from everything they sent (freebies or not).  Check their site out and it will be pretty clear.  They give enough detail to know if its a difficult strain and how long you can expect it to flower.  They have sneaky shipping methods too (to the states).  I am sure you will find some strains that will peak your interest.
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    Attitude Seedbank. My PayPal card always works with them and my order is backed by PayPal.
    live in the USA and it usually takes 9-14 days to get my seeds. 

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