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  1. How tall should my plant be after only a week??
  2. this is mine and is exactly one week old from being transplanted after germ

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  3. Ok thanks... its only been 5 days for mine. Its about 3 1/2 inches tall and just starting to get the second set of fans. This is my first grow.
  4. How much should i be watering and how often
  5. I water it as needed about once every other day or if the pot seems light compared to right after I water it

  6. if your seedling is 3.5" in 5 days, it's prob. stretching, move the light closer. as for feeding/watering, no feed for the first 2 weeks or so. watering, let the medium dry up between waterings. this allows air to the roots, which is very important. when you poke your finger down to about your second (maybe a little more) finger joint, then it's dry enough to water.
  7. This^

    Definitely sounds like it's stretching to me. Don't get discouraged at how small they are at first - one they get goin, they REALLY get goin. I'm guessing you have an inch or more between the soil and cotyledons? If so, make a little mound of dirt around the stem to give it some extra support, it'll really help when it starts to get big.
  8. Yea the leafs are growing that what you mean by streching? I had to back the light off becauuse it was melting the pot the plants in. Guess im going to have to transfer it to a diff pot.ive been taking it outside durring the day and bring it in at night because it gets to cool at night is that ok to do... its still getting 18/6
  9. Some strains just do that when they're seedlings, where they look like they're trying to get up to the light. Stretching happens when the light intensity isn't at the level the plant wants, so it grows tall in an effort to get closer to the light source. 3 1/2 inches is pretty tall for such a young plant. You should be fine taking it outside, but it might be better off if you start it indoors for a couple weeks, and then slowly introduce it to the outside environment.
  10. Thanks everyone this site kicks ass!!! I just have some bag seeds growing hopfully they turn out good.
  11. What kind of setup do you have?

    Bag seeds can grow up to have some really nice buds, just make sure you do everything you can to make it not hermie, as I've heard they're more prone to it.

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