Beginner questions on lowryder

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  1. I know 12 inches is normally the height of which the plant starts to flower.

    but what about lowryder since it grows shorter? how do i know when i should cut
    the amount of light it gets. so how tall is lowryder when it starts flowering?

    much appreciated :)
  2. I would guess AF strains would flower at around 12"(regular strains flower once mature enough and only when lighting is 12/12).

    Lowryder needs no lighting changes throughout it's life,IIRC 18hrs will work well.

    I grow reg. strains so please wait for JCJ or another AF guy for conformation.;)
  3. All my lows are pretty much born flowering.
    In 14 days they can have hairs.
    Depending on the plant ive had em 6 inches tall and full bud sites all the way to over 3 feet tall. But both the short ones and tall ones show sex and flower almost right away.
    Give them all the light you can.
  4. 20/4 lighting from start to finish
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    I've read 18/6 and 20/4 being the two most recommended schedules. Is there any reason you suggest 20/4?

    Sorry for the hijack;)

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