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Discussion in 'General' started by DrZug, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Hi all!

    I'm new to the whole Grasscity scene, but so far I really like it. The shop is very well laid out and the prices are great! I just ordered this waterpipe, a salvia joint, and the herbal joint sampler pack from the site. I look forward to receiving it soon.

    What should I expect from the herbal smokes? I plan to take them out of the joint and smoke them with the waterpipe. Any specific ones to recommend if I ever happen to order from Grasscity again? Can tobacco be smoked out of a waterpipe or is it not recommended? I'm really interested in these herbal alternatives -- I just want to know more about them.

    Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated!

    If my first order with Grasscity goes well, I am contemplating buying THIS as a Christmas present for my friends and I, it's a really beautiful piece.
  2. No one? :(
  3. Haha, I'd try to help ya out. But i'm wayyy to stoned to come up with an answer. But welcome!
  4. Haha hmm...

    MOST herbal smokes are a waste. Salvia will get your tripping balls, but you feel out of place. It's like someone cut and pasted you into this world. It's not something you'd smoke everyday, But a "treat" during mid week, or weekends.

    I can tell you from first hand experience, Spice, and Spice gold will FUCK YOU UP. There's only a couple sites that ship to the US ( They're based in the US to begin with), and if you wanna check them out, PM me.

    Spice goes for nearly the same price as bud, so it's up to you.
  5. The herbal highsa are quite mild, but I find them enjoyable. They don't usually have a "burnout" after and it helps me to think clearly. Also a lot of the herbs that can get you to a nice place are available at garden centers and online for really cheap.
  6. And take the salvia out of the joint, it won't do shit in a joint. Put that shit in a bong, and milk the shit out of it like you've never ripped before, and if you don't start being pulled back into another world (trust me, you'll know it) take another hit. And HOLD THEM IN FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN EACH TIME (min 30 secs) keep the lighter on the bowl the entire time too.

    Read some stuff on this page too, it will help you understand what you'll be getting yourself into.

    I'd reccomend a quiet enviroment with someone there to make sure you don't hurt yourself, and i'd reccomend not talking to that person if u can help it, because talking seems to bring you out of the trip. At least me...
  7. First off, thanks for all the replies!

    I'm not getting into herbal smokes for the goal of getting 'high' or 'stoned'. I know there is probably no replacement for marijuana. I'm just looking to try something different, a relaxing smoke.

    I read from the reviews that Salvia sucks in a joint, and my initial plan was to smoke it through the bong. I know it has to be vapourized (lots of heat) and you have to hit it hard and fast to get the full effects. It's definitely going to be quite an experience.

    As for Spice, it intrigues me. What do you mean by 'gets you fucked up'? Is it a stoned or high feeling, or something else? Either way, I am curious. I will PM you so we can talk more. Just from an initial Google search it does look expensive (10gbp for an 8th).

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