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  1. I want to grow a few different strains at the same time . Is it possible to grow different strains in the same aeroponic system ?? would different strains need a different amount of nutrients or something like that?
  2. Hey buddy! Welcome to GC! Yes, it's possible to grow multiple strains in the same system, however hit the nail on the head. While all cannabis plants share the same basic requirements to grow, different strains do have individual preferences. Additionally, they grow at different rates, and to different proportions.

    It's, arguably, my opinion that it's best to use all one strain per reservoir/light group.. If you have 8 buckets and two lights, by all means mix it up. If you have one aero system and one light, I'd highly recommend running a single strain. Keep mothers and run another crop, of a different type, next run.
  3. Having multiple strains can be a pain in the ass not only because of the different nutrient requirements but because of the different heights. You may end up with a tall and short strain and then fiddling with the lights is a headache.
  4. In my opinion the most important thing to take into considerations when growing multiple strains is maturing rates.

    I mean if one plant wants to be taller than another tie it down. quick easy fix with benefits. As long as they finish with in a few days of each other it wouldn't be much of a problem.

    But when one is mature at 55 days and another isn't going to be ready until 70 days or longer. Then something is going to suffer.
  5. I disagree. If one plant is done at 55 days, then pull it out and harvest... wait two weeks for the other strain to finish. If you dont have a veg room and a flower room I suppose this could be an issue because you have to wait longer to start your next batch.. but you would still get all of the yield regardless.
  6. I would never harvest without flushing.
    And an early flush for the longer running plant will cost it some yield, not to mention if it's a sensitive strain then you have to wing the nutes back in, or just go with the long flush and lose a shit load on yield..
  7. Of course, nobody said otherwise. If you grow two strains that are finishing at different times, you give two separate feeding schedules. Thats a given....
  8. not only is it a good idea to use the same strain, but using 2 phones cut from the same mother works awesome because the dumb plant thinks that it's part of the other one and there will be no issues with their roots tangling. Im having really good luck with 2wo pre98 bubba plants in 1 d w c 5 gallon bucket.
  9. *clones* ... sorry I'm using the voice to text on my android

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