Beginner please help hydroponics DWC first time

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Thcfanatic, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. So here's a better picture of my plant that is dying , my ph is fine roots are white and all fine , I don't feed it too much nutes
    Changed from the 1000 watt to the 400 watts today because it seems like my plant is burnt .. Can this plant be saved? Or should i Toss it out and call it a lost on this plant ... Basically my question is what's causing this to happen to my plant and can I save this plant? ImageUploadedByTapatalk1416340066.188364.jpg

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  2. Hooofta! Those are some strange growth traits! Out of curiosity what are your tells right now? A little more info on your set up would he nice. Eliminate some of the obvious questions right away...

  3. Hydro 5 gal buckets
    RO water
    Ph 6.1-6.2 sometimes
    I was using a 1000 watt lamp I think the heat stressed it not sure
    I use dyna grow
    Cal mag
    Botanica pure blend pro
    Anything to save this plant will help

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  4. Since you haven't got another answer yet I'll top the thread for you and offer an opinion, hopefully someone who is more sure of it will add or correct as needed.
    The leaves are weird, never seen that type of damage in my grows but I don't have your low humidity so don't know if that would play a part or not. But for lack of other info or until someone else gets to you keep the plant and give it a few days at least. If the damage was related to some combination of low humidity and strong light before they were rooted then the one odd or worse damaged one might have been just the last to put roots in the water.
    You might try the hydro forum here, they might be more likely to know something than a generic new growers forum would. Try to get info on if you need a humidifier or not, 19% is pretty low and if it gets much lower it seems that you might.

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