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  1. Hello fellow growers,
    Let me plot this out. I have been smoking for about 2 years now and have decided to start a grow for my personal, recreational, use. I have done some basic research and am confident enough to start but have questions and DO NOT want to f*** this up.
    I have ordered Pineapple Express auto-flowering feminised seeds and I have a secluded spot on my roof sheltered from high winds, plenty sunlight, water and high up to carry any smell.
    Now my questions are: How do I germinate? What kind of soil conditions and nutrients will I need? Watering times and amount? How tall will it be? And more as they grow.
    Ill post photo and updates as we go along and i hope to make this forum a "how to" for all beginners like me. Thanks in advance ;)
  2. If you plan on growing outdoors, it's much too late in the season, my friend
  3. I think that I might okay due to where i live, the weather will stay between 21 and 29 (Celsius) and humidity of about 65% average throughout my grow time which i think is about 8-9 weeks.
  4. Well you might be.....based on the use of celcius I assume you aren't in the U.S.
  5. Im in the Mediterranean, I plan on planting mid September so i have time to prep and looking for any help/run through of what i need to do
  6. Well I grew my most successful plant, a 7 foot by 7 foot(topped once) plant in a hugulkultur bed. I have used zero nutes and the plant is frikkin THRIVING
  7. No nutes!?I was anxious about the soil pH and minerals and nutrients, but is this only for some strains and growers after more from their crop

  8. No nutes, a hugulkultur bed has all the nutrients needed. It's working great so far. You should check out hugulkultur beds
  9. That might be an easy way for me, can you tell me about topping since i need to keep my plant short ish
  10. I topped my plant when it has 5 nodes. Nodes are the setanof leaves that alternate when the plant grows. I cut it at the 3rd node. Topping promotes all the auxillary shoots to become colas. I have no idea how to post pictures here on this website without using my computer, which is old and broken. My plant is a monster now. Do you have Instagram?
  11. I do, ill send you a message with it. I now understand what nodes are, but not colas?
  12. Colas are the big fat buds you see....those massive ones that get as big as a a baseball bat
  13. If you've done some basic research, you would know how to germinate, what to use for soil, and also know that height is generally based on the strain and other factors. Autos often don't take we'll to topping, transplanting etc. Watering schedule is based on the plants consumption and dryness of the soil.

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  14. I
    I do know roughly how to go about it, my height being around 2.5m if left untouched and that soil with slightly aidic pHs work best, but i wanted to hear any other sugestions and hopefully allow others to read and fully understand it
  15. Well if you've asked him anything before attacking him you would find out that he now knows all of that......
    If u knew anything about people, then you would know that some people learn interactively. I don't mind answering questions like this. Obviously, you why even reply in the first place?
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  16. Cheers CeeDubThaGamer. When i plant, do you think keeping a journal with pictures would be worth the time, just incase anyone spots anything im doing wrong
  17. I know lots about people. But when one comes on stating that they have been doing research and are confident, but don't even know how to germ a seed or which soil and nutes to use, when and how much too water, they neither have done research nor are confident. I don't mind helping at all. If it started out, I'm a total noob and have a ton of questions and gave a list, I'd go at it and give as much info I have at my disposal. So before, attacking me, you should see where I was going with my statements. Peace.

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  18. Cool man. Check the breeder stats on the strain that you ordered. They should have a height and yield range listed. Sorry if I came out brash. Good luck and if I can help in any way, I will.

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  19. ive checked around and seen that my plant height will definitely be over 2 meters if i left it wild. I would love to keep it under this, and have heard that i can try "topping" a plant can keep it shorter. Any tips or advice?
  20. ive checked around and seen that my plant height will definitely be over 2 meters if i left it wild. I would love to keep it under this, and have heard that i can try "topping" a plant can keep it shorter. Any tips or advice?

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