Beginner, new grower! Need advice on a setup / strain

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dimyself, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. So I'm new and want to start growing. :) I actually just found this forum very recently...A couple of q's.

    what is the best strain to grow as a newbie?? I will br growing in a closet (4'x3'). It should be an easy strain for a newbie like me to grow. what about the 'set it, forget it' type strains that auto flower?? I read that I CANNOT clone these, is that correct?? I would want to clone so I make new plants and not have to buy new ones. I don't mind spending a little money for good seeds but it would be nice if they were easy so I don't waste time/money. I will also be using soil most likely. Height I guess doesn't really matter for a closet? I would like a higher yield and some of the best buds I can get!!

    Also I'm not very familiar with sativas vs indicas. I think personally I would like a more upbeat, wackcy, trippy high but being a little stoned isn't bad either. One note is that I don't smoke very much and when I do I get paranoid sometimes. Any strains people can recommend for this? I read good things about strawberry cough for issues like this? Any others?

    I was thinking of only having 1-2 plants. Not really to deal just personal smoke...what is the best grow method for the highest yield and most potent bud? something like scrog?

    thanks and sorry for the newb questions...
  2. Start by reading this entire will help get you off on the right foot:

    Grandpa's Grow Guide
  3. Hello dimyself and congrats on your decision to grow your own, and don't apologize for the noob questions. We were all there once.

    Assuming you read the thread suggested above, I'll address your question of setup. Start simple. It is all going to depend on your budget for lights, air movement. If you want to go with HID lights (HPS or MH), you have to worry about significant heat buildup. How are you going to exhaust this closet and get fresh air in? If you're thinking CFL or High Output T5's, the heat will be less of an issue but you still need to control the temps and humidity as well as give your girls fresh clean air. As for the plants themselves, just start in soil and top it/them 1st week of flower. The best answers will come through experience, so just try to get 1 grow under your belt.

    Now for strain, there is no easy answer to that. That will take you doing research. It's only my 2nd day here at grasscity but I'm sure they have a strain guide with descriptions and reviews. For a first grow, why not just use some bagseeds from your last decent sack.
  4. Thanks guys! I will read that walk through and many others....

    I was thinking of following this setup: for lights and for being inexpensive.

    For smell, I was thinking of using this:

    As far as getting fresh air in the closet, I'm not sure?? Any thoughts? I will have to research this...I was just going to put 1-2 fans in their for air flow?
  5. You bet it will! Good luck on your grow!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  6. I'm curious now about ventilation. In a closet will a fan or two be good enough for ventilation or would I need more?
  7. size of closet? size of fans?
  8. closet is ahoiutb 6 foot by 4 foot. Number of fans? As man as needed :)
  9. I'd say two or three medium sized fans, if place appropriately, would be fine. The key to
    a closet grow is air EXCHANGE though.. otherwise you're just blowing a lot of hot air around :)

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  10. If I have to, I can leave the closet door open for alot of the long as the smell doesn't leave my room. That should suffice?

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