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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by heybudday85, May 5, 2004.

  1. Okay, i've just begun germinating my seeds in-between some moist paper towels. Obviously the next step after they sprout would be planting them. What is the best type of soil to use, and do I need to buy lights right away? I'm moving to VT in a month and will be transporting the plants from my MA home and need to make sure tey are healthy and happy! I am completely new at growing and need as much advice as you can give me, right now i'm living off the tips from random websites! Soil, fertilizer, lights, growing boxes, ANYTHING!!! PLEASE HELP DESPERATE COLLEGE STUDENTS!!!
  2. ahhh any soil will work as long as it drains fairly well once ur plants come up dont fertilize them cause they dont need any ferts yet and ahhh dont over water dont underwater but overwatering has much more devastating effects and give em light its a weed doesnt need much
  3. If you decide to use potting soil bought from a garden store, two things you might want to be wary of (from my little experience):

    - Prefertilized mixes -- avoid these. I forget the brand name, but most of the bags sold at my local Ace store come with some Multi-Cote fertilizer already mixed into it. Gives you less control over plant nutrients -- and baby plants shouldn't even be ferted anyway. Oh, and this stuff tends to cost :/

    - Really cheap potting soil. I bought a bag of the bargain stuff, I swear it was mostly little wood chips. I dunno if that's a huge no-no per se, but little insects seemed to like hiding in it, and I found some white icky crap groing on some of the wood chips after time (some kind of fungus or mold I think).

    Good luck!

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