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Beginner Needs Help

Discussion in 'Greenhouses' started by sebe4848, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. Ok so I'm doing my first ever grow. I'm growing afghan skunk and afghan kush. Just two plants for myself is all I need. I need to do everything outdoors just so everybody knows. I've selected my site outside which has light security and I bring in my own water. I'm starting in august which it doesn't get cold here until November. My biggest question is what kind of soil do I use? I've been to all of the garden stores around here and all they carry is miracle grow , which from what I've heard is very bad to use for cannabis. I have looked into buying fox farm soil, but they have so many varieties I don't know which one is best? The soil around here is ok, but I dug two 2x2x2 holes and took all of the clay out on top of laying rocks at the bottom to catch all of the remaining water. Now as far as nutrients I was planning on using some easy to acquire bone meal for slow release nutrients after the plants have been growing for a month. Any suggestions or corrections would be much appreciated.

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  2. Your not ready this year, do some reading on here and you will learn alot. No point starting this late and having tiny plants. Just gonna be disappointed and discouraged, and will most likly not be worth your time or investment.
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    If you have till November then go for it. Im thinking of planting some today.
    I have a greenhouse though.
  4. I have auto flowering seeds feminized seeds that take 60 days to bloom. I don't need huge plants cause it's for me only I'm only looking to get one ounce total either way

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  5. If it helps I live in the lower part of Tennessee; it docent start getting really cold here until December. One of the main reasons I got the afghan strand since they are resistant to the cold as well. It's still getting into the 90's here, but like I said I'm not looking for a huge yield. I will be happy if I get an ounce, like ecstatic actually. I am growing in a wild forest as well. I know I am starting really late, but I have three months until the end of November and my total investment so far is 70 dollars. I just want to get familiarized.

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  6. Mg and FFOF soils are 'hot' soils they are much the same, most important to cannabis growers, is to dilute the 'hot' with a hefty 30% per pot volume with perlite, this is to also avoid root compaction, for winter grows ...keep them warm, well lit and dry

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