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  1. hello my plant is 24 days old from seed, it Was in a bigger pot and someone told me to put it in a smaller pot so il transplanted into plastic cup, i am looking for advice on what my next step should be, Thank you
  2. Put it back into a bigger pot...
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  3. Hi is it an auto? Either way will av stressed it. If was a hugh pit ya ad first then if not auto then better starting small and wen plant gets higher and wider than pot its self then repot again and so on till reach pot size required for flowerin etc. Put sum room stim wen ya water next to help wi streess and help get healthy root growth. Mix perlite in ya siol too. Around 40/50% perite to siol. Dont over water and give nice good light and see how it goes. Good luck love. Ps get a ph tester if not got one for ya water xxx
  4. A "LINED" Solo cup is the right thing to start your seeds/seedlings in. Roots should get NO light whatsoever, so that translucent thing you've got it in is no good. You should have put it into a Solo cup that is filled all the way up with a good light and arid grow soil...with lots of drain holes in the bottom and leaving enough room to be able to water at the top. Leave it in the Solo cup giving only pH'd water until the plant is larger than the cup (wide and taller). DO NOT WATER THE PLANT IN THE CUP UNTIL IT HAS DRIED OUT AT LEAST 80%. THEY DON'T LIKE WATER AROUND THEIR ROOTS ALL THE TIME. THEN you repot up one size. Putting a tiny seedling into a huge container will make it take forever to develop a root system. While it's developing roots, the foliage doesn't do much. When it's roots get developed, you'll see the plant start to grow foliage and take in and use more water. No nutes if you're growing in good soil until further down the line. Can't tell what you're using for soil there, but if it's not formulated grow soil, you need to add about 40% perlite to it for drainage. The soils bought off the shelf at the big box stores are great for growing flowers or veggies, but these plants need a very light and arid soil for ease of drainage and root spread. Sounds like you need to go to the new grower threads here and read up on the right way to do this or you're going to be lost all the way through your grow. There is as much to learn about HOW to grow these inside as there is to figuring up and creating the lighting and setup you'll grow under. You don't bake a cake without reading the recipe and learning how to use the oven. Growing MJ is kind of like that. You figured out the oven go read the recipe for growing because it all works hand in hand. TWW
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  5. Thank you for advice i have put it in bigger pot, i have left my orther plants alone for a while till they grow bigger then i Will put them in 5 gallon pots before puting them in the ground, there is perlite in the soil which is good about 30% i used a root product to reduse the Stress, i have still a LOT to learn this forum is helpfull
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  6. But in the ground isnt it an increased yield ?

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