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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by P.C.pothead, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. i am a first time indoor grower. i dont know what to do. need help on lighting, germination, and everything else.
  2. steralize everything you use from washing hands to leaving cutting tools in boiling water. whatever water you use make sure its been left overnight to let chemicals out also make sure not to add nutes until the plants are 2 or 3 weeks into veg. make sure you you plant the seedling white thingy up give it a 3 gallon bucket this will increase the chances of female plants if the tap root can dig. make sure not to over water it this is the main cause of death for plants :p leave lights on at first 24 hours until the lil thingy sprouts, then leave the lights on 18 hours and off for 6 this must be strictly adheared to messing up light more then 25 min differnce per day can somtimes cause plants to turn hermi not a good thing. hope these helped out a bit
  3. when do i start 12/12. how can i tell if pre-flowering has started
  4. you can flower whenever you want actually you dont need to be dead on which is great cause i suck at growing lol but my babies still are turning out fantastic :D when the plant is a foot and a half tall i like to flower so its growers choice more stem = more bud in the end

    also remember that in flowering the plant will double in size atleast from when you started so its best not to leave it too long unless you have the proper space
  5. other tips: as long as you remember to steralize everything and not touch the seeds they should almost all germinate. change the water every 2 days as well to prevent shit from building up on em if you see shit already attaching itself to them use a lil bit( half a teaspoon to a yougurt sized cup of warm water filled to the top) and it will create an alkaline barrier to protect them this was a huge problem for me at the beginning

    heres a link i was given to learn about cloning its neat to read and fun to do when your ready im sure youll enjoy, lots of pics too :D
  6. If you use the search button.. You'll find what you want to know quicker.
  7. Definately recommend using cuttings if you can get hold of them as you'll know exactly what your getting. Also use a florescent light in the first few days then switch to high pressure sodium for the remainder as this caters for both the growing and particularily the flowring stages of the plants life. also use 24 hour light for first 2 weeks then 12 on 12 off, maybe a week of 18on 6 off. good luck

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