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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by samoorai44, Nov 18, 2011.

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    I'm going to attempt a grow, just plain bagseeds, and im really fascinated with the bonsai cannies. Anyone have tips/guides on doin that, bigger plants (IMO) are "easy" to grow. I also wanna grow a mini canni cuz i'm really tight on space and have nosey ppl around here. I know VERY little basic stuff, like veggin, flowerin, etc. Would i germ, wait for it to sprout then go straight to 12/12?? Or do like reg 18/6 then 12/1?
  2. you aren't going to get much bud at all from 12/12 that early on. you also don't know what kind of bud that bag seed is. could be one of those plants that like to be 15 feet tall. if you are set on small plants, you should look into purchasing a couple of auto lowrider seeds or something.

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    I know Lowryder is a good one for mini grows *hence the name*, but anythings possible :D I heard a thing called LST, thats something I'm more easily capable of doing. Short and bushy would be fine, the only problem is height. I'm lovin grasscity and imma be here for a long while :smoke: Also its only for me i don't need ozs out the wazoo, just maybe 10gs maybe a lil more.

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