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    Well i'm not completely new to this kind of thing. I have grown before but they would always die because I did not have to time to care for them. So I've got more time these days and I would like to start fresh.

    Here is what I my friend has been working on for I think a month or so. Not sure, but anyway, it seems kind of small for a few months old. Question one. Looking at the size of it, where do you think I should start with lighting. My friend has been giving it natural light in the day and lighting it at night also. I am wondering how many hours I should give it light and hours of darkness. Also, what kind of lighting should I use because I used to light them with flourescent.

    Question 2. From what I understand is that on the watering you need to do it every few days, if the soil is dry water it but how much exactly? If the soil is moist wait a few days? What are your 2 cents on misting the plant with water?

    Last question. What size pot should I use? My friend put it in a little size container and I told him that it stunts the growth.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Unless you have experience misting can do more harm than good.

    After a few weeks it should be ready to transplant into something bigger. Goodluck.
  3. Thanks for the info. Does anyone else have information because I am still lost.
  4. the best thing to do is start reading get prepared. if you find yourself "still lost" then you really should start with the sticky posts. they have all the info you need to get going!

    good luck.
  5. I'm not as experienced as the majority of people here but what I can see is definite overwatering. And if it's truly several months old it's got some issues I couldn't pinpoint for you. Probably improper lighting which was not direct enough.
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    Well like I said, I am not exact about how long it has been alive and growing. I know it is at least been 20 days.

    Here is my question that has been bothering me all day. Should I keep it on light for a few weeks 24/7 and what lighting should I use. I do not want to raise suspicion from parents though. I was thinking sunlight in the day, artificial light at night. Ill keep in mind not to water it as much as my friend did. Think I can still save it or is it a waste of my time?
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    If that were my plant, I'd throw it out and start over. That thing is absolutely stunted and will never reach it's potential. I have 10 day old plants bigger than that. There is a lot of info on the stickies here as well as elsewhere. You need to do some reading as you have some very simple questions. Good luck.

    *edit - Maybe I was a bit hasty. If you just want a project and want to try to nurse that thing back to health...
    Anywhere from 18/6 to 24/0 light will be fine. Fluorescents(tube or cfl) will work. If you're going tube put 1 each of blue and red spectrum. CFL's should be blue spectrum. I have no idea of the nutritional value of your soil, is it just dirt from outside your friend's house? How is the pH and hardness of your water? Don't water until the top inch is completely dry. From the looks of it, the root growth has been stunted and may take a while to start to bounce back. The container it is in should be fine for another week or two.
  8. The roots are pretty big and the soil is store bought and its pretty soft. I am worried because the stem is thin.
  9. IMO the stem is long and spindly because it has been searching for more light. Get it under some fluoros and have the top an inch from the bulb. Also put a low fan on it.
  10. That is what I figured. I am using a small computer fan to run on it and I have a bulb pretty close to it. I am not sure what wattage it is but I know its a flourescent and about 2ft long.

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