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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by StonedBritain, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Have recently started my 1st indoor grow. everything seems to be going ok so far, basically just want to make sure I'm doing everything right.

    My set up is as follows:

    400w Bulb/Ballast,

    1 10 Herb Unit (NFT system by quantomhydro, basically the water and nutrients are pumped onto the roots and rockwool and then back into the resivior - on 24/7)

    I'm growing the seedling, about 2 weeks old, in the NFT system on 18/6 light, the NFT system itself is enclosed in a 5ftx4ftx4ft box which has been lined with mylar and the light is sitting about 3 foot from the seedling. (will be moved into open room once plants become to big)

    This box does have a open front just to help with air circilation and heat (there is also a medium sized desk fan pointing into the box - currently on a timer to come on in 30 min periods)

    I'm currently using Ionic Grow food, and the level in the NFT is being kept constantly at 2.3 EC (using NZ Trunceon tester) and the PH is a constant 6.

    The heat stays between 70 - 80 and humidity has yet to rise above 30%

    * How does this sound to you all, are these good conditions for not stressing the plant?

    * Is the heat/humidity a problem? (80 seems ok, if not a little warm)

    * How often should I change the water and nutrients in the NFT (althou the nutes have been in a week, the EC has stayed at 2.3/2.4, obviously this is due somewhat to the evaporation of the water)

    I'm sure i'll think of more questions for you all, think these will do for now tho, please feel free to ask any questions.

  2. Just thought I'd post some more info on my NFT system, see pic below:

    ten plant herb unit giving the grower a choice of plant numbers and layout. all units come ready to plug in fill with water and grow. The Quantumhydro system has been specifically designed with ease of use in mind. Unlike other systems there is no need for replacing and flushing of the nutrients every ten days or so, (once near the end will do).just keep to reccomended EC levels for your plants by using a EC meter, (the only tool nessecery for successful growing). The growth mediums are at a minimum so the PH balance stays well within the guidelines and there is no need for constant monitoring, or indeed a PH meter. Modern day self PHing nutrients need no further looking at. Salts lockout TDS stays constant and there are no problems here, there are no growth mediums to get lockout. Pythium root rot. Not here! our system is to oxygeonated for that too happen. Thripps and other little bugs that get into your rootstock again this cannot happen with our system there are no areas for the little blighters to get a hold on or in from. The only attack to vegitation can come from airborne bugs. Which can be dealt with in a variety of eco friendly ways. All trough systems, start with being able to use a 3 inch rockwool block. Plus there are adaptor caps for 50mm net pots,so the system then suits the general hydroponics system. 40mm rockwool blocks, and 1/2 inch blocks/bare root. So remember to tell us which growth medium you are going to use.

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