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    I'm planning on getting a guitar and was leaning towards starting with electric but I kinda would also like acoustic.. Then I saw the electric acoustic guitars haha so are those any good? How do they work?
    Any other tips appreciated..

    I wanna be able to play stuff like the beginning of this and pink floyd
    [ame=""]YouTube - Modest Mouse - Dramamine[/ame]

    which guitar type should i pick
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    An electric acoustic guitar is, simply put, an acoustic guitar hooked up to make it louder. It doesn't really 'bridge the gap' between the two ends, if you get me.

    Here are some good guidelines,

    - Pick between acoustic / electric depending on the music you like and want to learn. I started with an electric guitar but as my taste and skill developed I moved onto acoustic, eventually selling my lectric and using acoustic 100%

    - Which brings me onto this point: You can always buy more guitars, and chances are you will if you get into playing. In 3 years I've gone through 5 guitars. Its like good weed, you'll always lust after more!

    - Spend the most you can (reasonably) afford, you won't regret it.

    - If you get an acoustic make sure it has a SOLID WOOD top. The top face of the guitar is its main soundboard and getting a guitar with a solid apposed to laminate top will add hugely to the tone

    - If you get an electric make sure you spend an equal amount on an amp. A good analogy between guitar and amp is this: You buy a nice piece of meat, it has a distinct flavour, but you can change it subtly with seasoning and ****es. But no matter how many ****es you use a bad piece of meat is a bad piece of meat. What I mean is a real expensive guitar through a shit amp is going to sound shit no matter what. Your amp is the main component in your tone so you need to invest in the kind of sound you want.

    - Buy a guitar that is esthetically pleasing to you

    - Use youtube as a guide for 'sound samples', but don't take any opinions (online or in shops) too seriously.

    - Buy in person, don't buy over the internet. Its a gamble - sometimes it pays off (like my most recent guitar). You're best bet is taking a guitar playing friend along with you and BOTH of you trying it.

    Hope this helps :)

    /e: From that guitar clip (and Floyd) I'd suggest a MIM (made in mexico) fender stratocaster. Its a versatile guitar, beautiful, comfortable, good value, and has a good resale value if you outgrow it.

    /e: LOL I can't say S P I C E S ..

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