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  1. well i have never grown before and am making preparations. I am planning on growing in a small area indoor. such as in a closet or in a cabinet. I have seeds (kinebud). but i have some questions i was hoping could be answered here. To germinate the seeds i just place 1 in water for 24 hours? What would be the best light to get for small area . Is an airflow fan required to grow or are their any alternatives. How much water is needed on average? Hopefully my questions will be answered here
  2. Welcome! I never soak my seeds, personally. I take rockwool plugs, soak those for 24 hrs in a light starter nutrient mix and then just drop the seeds in (tits up). Put the plugs in a little germination tray with a dome and you are off to the races. In your case i'd start off with just a couple 100w CFL lights. Cheap, cool and effective. Just make sure the plugs stay moist and keep the light cranked and you will be sproutin in no time
  3. on average for a plant to be fully budded or w/e, is it around 2months? and on average how much bud usually comes from 1 plant or does it vary on the plant?
  4. you have a lot of reading to do my friend. do yourself a favor and rad the stickied threads in the absolute beginners section and the indoor growing section. it will greatly improve your knowledge of what needs to be done to do it right.

    plus it will answer all your questions
  5. I would say an average flowering time is about 8 months plus or minus a bit. Some plants go as short as six or as long as 13. Your yield is going to depends on every factor in the universe. I know guys that get 16oz a plant and I know guys getting 2-3oz from clones of the same plant. Obviously the better enviornment you can provide the better your results will be. I am a medicinal grower so I don't have to worry about being stealthy which is a huge advantage. I have one of my upstairs bedrooms converted into a grow room so I have plenty of room to run 5-6 plants in 18 gallon pots and let them get 5-6' tall. The other huge factor is experience. You can read all day long but the best knowledge is going to come from the mistakes you make and the measures you use to correct them.:hello:
  6. thanks for the answers hogg. this may sound like a dumb question. but is there anyway to gurantee that your plant is a female , because male plants dont produce bud correct?
  7. Hogg, I'm sure you meant weeks, not months...
  8. LOL I probably should smoke after I log on from now on........:smoking:

  9. Yes there is. There are a ton of posts in the forum about determining the sex of the plant. Just keep seaching the forum and you will find all the info you need
  10. The only ways to guarantee all females are to use feminized seeds or use clones from females.

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