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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by KingChambs, May 31, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,
    I am very new to the growing of marijuana, infact, this is my very first grow. I iust wanted to be assured that my plant is growing properly because I am having my doubts, even though it looks fairly healthy. The plant has been growing for about 3 weeks in a rather large pot with simple Miracle Gro potting soil. I water it with a mixture of water and a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. The plant seems to be doing well but is moving at a slower pace compared to others I have seen. Please reply with any answers as far as what I could do to help my grow and if there are deficiencies as far as you can tell.

    PS: I know the one leaf is ripped in half, thanks to my wonderful girlfriend lol, but I dont think that is the problem

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  2. I dunno what strain is that bro? Its kinda dragging along really but it looks okay id just keep it up and take what you get from it but for sure would plant some more.
  3. I'm on my first grow too and were much bigger by week 3. Mine are all autos of various strains, what you planted? Whats your ph and how much sun does she get?

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  4. Some strains take longer than others I'm on week 2 and its only just started to show the second set of true leaves
  5. Good news: It looks healthy!
    Bad news: its a little small!
  6. The plant gets about 14 hours of sun a day. I tried checking the ph but the meter is not functional. Could alkaline soil be the problem? Or is it the sun? I honestly have no idea what the strain is besides the fact it seems to be an indica. Any other suggestions?

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  7. Could it be because the pot is too big?

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  8. I'm not sure to be fair light could be an issue 14/10 is close to a flowering light cycle is there any way you could get more light on them to say 18/6
    Just to clarify first number is light second number is dark ie light 18/6 dark

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  9. It could be from overwatering or soil that is to packed. 
    Please list your soil mix, what nutes u've been giving. how often u water
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    Hmm what's classed as over watering
  11. um watering it everyday! not having proper drainage and the water taking a long time to drain out of your soil. If you watered your plant in the morning and the following day, in the evening, your soil still looks wet on top, you overwatered and have poor drainage
  12. It needs more light.  It sounds like you are leaving it outside and it is getting 14 hours per day.  Unless you are harvesting it in October (like an outdoors grow), you're going to need to get it some more light.

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