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  1. I've been trying to grow my own medical marijuana and created my own grow box its about 3x3x3. I've been using a tiny bit of 20-20-20 all purpose nutrients and have now stopped. I've placed the lights at different heights to test. Right now the seedling has grown to about 2 inches and seems to have issues. Looks like they're burning. This started before the nutrients and have gotten worse. I need some tips on how to grow my first successful plant without getting too complicated. (I will attach pictures of lighting and setup.) At the moment there is no ventilation. I usually put a fan up to the hole that located of the side of the box giving it nice circulation. If anyone can help me getting these plants healthy again it would be amazing. These pictures are 2 days old so they've grown and the burns have gotten worse! I hope someone and/or anyone can help me and hopefully this thread can be some help to others learning. Thanks so much guys!

    Sincerely, Omnoodle.

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  2. Try They can help you no problem
  3. Transplant and flush, maybe.

    You definitely shouldn't be using nutrients until like the 3rd week or 4th week. What kind of soil are you using?
  4. I'm just using standard soil which says is very rich. Don't think its that big of an issue? Don't wanna be spending too much on stuff like that. I figured good normal soil would be fine.
  5. How exactly would I do a flush? Also the lighting right now is on 18/6 but my power does go out in the house sometimes which might cause some problems. Should I set lighting 24/0?
  6. So many views yet barely any replies. Makes me wonder how long it will take before I get help or my plant dies! Ahhh.
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    So you didn't read into anything about growing. If the soil is very rich that probably means very hot and loaded with shit. Those nutes are all wrong and its way too early to be giving any to them anyways. Especially in hot ass soil. The burns or from the nutes and soil. Read into what your doing.
  8. I have read lots, it's just the understanding is what is messing this up. Thank you for clearing that up for me. So I will stop using the nutes and just use water. Should I do a flush? How would I go about doing so? Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it. I've also added to fan and put the lights about 2 inches away from the plant on a 24/0 cycle. Will this help the plant?
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    You may have read lots but none of it applied to growing cannabis. Nowhere does it say add a bunch of the wrong nutes to hot soil to a seedling. Flushing is running a bunch of water through your medium to flush it out. General rule of thumb is 3x the amount of water as what the size of the container is. For example a 1 gallon container would use 3 gallons of water. I don't know what size container you have and your soil is hot as hell so I'm not sure that would do it. You need to get it in some better soil. It doesn't look like that soil has much in the way of drainage. Do a little research and check what's available in your area. We can give you a ton of ideas but if its not available in your area then its a waste. Fox farms happy frog is fairly common soil at most farm stores or maybe there's a grow shop near by. Just whatever you get, get something gentle on NPK (if you read anything at all you'll know what that is), less is more
  10. You have been very helpful. Thank you so much man. Do you have Skype?

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