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  1. Being a 1st time grower I've been thinking a lot on what to do & what not to do. I have non fem seeds that I'll be using, & plan to start germinating Monday or Tuesday. Unfortunately I can't afford foxfarm nutes right now due to bills. I'm starting off with 1 plant.
    Can I have a sucessful grow with a decent yield if I don't use nutes?
    No spare cash means that I can't afford a pH reader. So I have to figure out what to do about that.. If growing without nutes is possible I will grow without till a female comes along (hoping it'll be the 1st), trim the clones off her. & by that time I'll have the money for the nutes to start the clones. Another thing I am trying to decide is what soil to use that's not off the internet? What do I need to look for? Where to even look? Lowes? So many noob questions, I know. We all gotta start somewhere :smoke:
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    Can I have a sucessful grow with a decent yield if I don't use nutes?
    Yes you can for the most part, that also brings me onto the next question.

    What do I need to look for?
    You need to look for a fertilizer most use NPK (Nitrogen--Phosphorus--Potassium) formula.
    An all purpose nutrient with secondary nutrients and trace elements will get you through all stages of growth. But during different stages of life, you can adjust the nutrient levels to optimal quantities. During seedling/vegetative growth the plants need lots of N (nitrogen). They also need a fair amount of P (phosphorus) and K (potassium), 7-4-3, or 30-15-15, or something with a similar ratio of N-P-K, and secondary nutrients, and trace elements will work.

    Just Google around for the local supply stores close to you like flower shops or maybe a commercial chain that runs a garden section.

    Also remember to let your water (presumably tap water) to sit out for at least 24 hours to lower the chlorine levels before you water your plant.
  3. Welcome to a hobby that gives back!

    First off check out some stickies and if you haven't a few grow books.

    I'm a hydro grower and tried my luck at soil with basic soil from home depot. It went bad; but it was my crappy start at rushing a grow and not the fault of the soil.

    You can grow anything without nutes... just like a pro-bodybuilder without steroids or supplements. But you might not get to "enhance" your yield potential. But considering that you don't have a known lady yet you could grow without nutes with the sole goal of identifying a female to clone from. Take a few clones from each bean you pop and when they identify themselves during flowering you destroy all males and male clones and then focus your efforts on the remaining ladies and their clones.

    For advice on soil do some searches on bag soil from lowes/home depot and also custom soils. Coco soil grows is becoming quite popular around GC and I'm following two right now with some amazing turnout and ease of grow that its making me consider growing a lady in coco instead of hydro.

    Also check out some organic and "low-budget" grows on ideas to cut corners on nutes/soil/etc. And something that is just as important as nutes/soil is lighting and growspace.

    Are you growing indoor? If so have you considered lighting source? Outside? Coming into colder climate (at least in my area) ahead so consider possible freezing and such.

    Good luck and welcome to the hobby of growing again...

  4. Thank you :hello:

    That's what I will do!

    Will do. :D

    And with the space/lighting , I already have that solved. I've built a grow box already and have purchased some CFL lights. I'm kind of busy today. I have to spray the inside walls of my box with the flat white primer as well as keep an eye on the dog and clean the house. I'll be searching through low budget grow journals to figure out my soil problem. I won't worry about nutes at all on my 1st grow. I don't want to have to worry about over-feeding or not feeding them enough.
  5. Do not want to add to your finacial burden on this grow but:

    If you have a grow box also consider ventilation (or I should say do not FORGET ventilation). Some sort of intake and exhaust if the box is enclosed due heat from the lights.

    Heads up on the soil on a link I found:

    And something I'm considering for a next grow idea:

    I got this idea based on The Beholder's grow journal:

    Good luck man! And I'll be around off and on all day so feel free to PM with some basic questions (not an expert at any means; but I do know my way around the search engine :D and lurked for to long in the grow forum)

  6. Haha way ahead of ya. I have 2 fans that will be the exhaust and a smaller for the intake. Then another small fan that will be aimed directly at the plant.

    This is exactly what I've been looking for, really appreciate it. :D

    And for the coco guide, I will read more on that when I have the time. All links that you have provided are appreciated! Thank you :hello:

    I will definitely PM you if I have any further questions.

    Edit: What do I do about pH? :confused:
  7. From what I gather about pH for soil you want to water at 6.5-6.8 but here is an okay pH guide:

    If you can get your hands on get a digital pH meter so your accuracy is not left to interpretation of colors in a test tube/litmus test.

    hehe.. don't be like my wife and I in our original pH testing. With the pH meter though I can actually say that all my fish are benefiting from me being more accurate :)

    "Honey is this green a 6.2 or a 6.9"
    "I see a 7"
    "Look in the light..."
    "Oh I see yellow must be a 5.4"

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