Beginner grow started Oct 27th (Fem White Widow) in 36x20x62 grow tent.

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  1. Hi all!
       I decided to start this journal because there wasn't much research pertaining to the specific grow specs I was looking for on the net. I'm a 100% beginner (although I've read and researched the crap out of everything!) hoping to share my experience with the community and further the progress of kick-ass cannabis!
    My strain purchase came from I purchased 5 Feminized White Widow seeds (They sent 7!) and planted 3 to start. ALL 3 died within 3 or 4 days due to my excitement and overwatering... Guess I needed to get it out of the way! So I started a new batch (4) on Oct 27th 2014.
    The new batch started on the 27th and began in a wardrobe box from U-Haul with 6-24w CFLs.... That got everything started off the right way but I knew I would have to upgrade FAST. (I picked the best 3 to finish)
    SETUP (TEND AND LIGHT) I'm using an Apollo Horticulture grow tent:  tent dimensions are 36''x20''x62'' ( and a 600watt Apollo Horticulture HID light kit <a>(</a> and given the dimensions of the tent I keep the ballast at 50% (I'll be bumping it up to the full 600w when I get proper ventilation.
    SOIL: I'm using Fox Farm Organic Planting Mix ( mixed with 25% perlite and 25% vermiculite. 
    WATERING: The plants are in 3 gallon planters and when I water them I use 1/2 gallon of water (Or feed/water mixture depending on the date) a piece... When I water I usually see about a 20% runoff.
    NUTES: Roots Organics Buddah Grow for the Veg cycle (1 tsp per half gallon). So essentially 1 tsp per plant. I'm currently feeding them once a week (2 feedings into grow now).
    I started these babies on Oct 27th and they are barely two weeks into growing, I honestly don't think I could've have asked for better results thus far!
    I DO have one question though (and most likely MANY more): Could my plants be called organic??? Considering I'm using Organic potting soil and Roots Organic Nutes...
    I apologize for anything I left out... Just ask if there's anything you wanna know!
    Thanks everyone for taking the time to check out my grow!!!!


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  2. Looks like a good start, do you think 3 plants will fill up the entire space or is there room for more?
  3. Nice start like Solakil Said. Ill be following. Gonna be staring up a journal soon as well. GL blade


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