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  1. Hello all, I have done some research and understand that growing with fluorescents is possible but I just have a couple questions. Due to limited space I can only use 24" bulbs. I have 4 bulbs total(20w each).

    1)Do you guys think that will be enough? I know it is not ideal but if you think it is going to be a complete fail please let me know.

    2) Right now I have two GE daylight 6500k and two GE plant & aquarium 3000k lights. When I start growing should i go buy two more 6500k to use for the veg stage and then buy 2 more 3000k lights for flowering stage? Or should i just use 2 of each for the whole time?

    Sorry in advance for the newbie questions. If this is possible at all how many could i possibly grow at a time?

    I bought medijuana seeds from AMS and my friend bought the ak47/lowrider seeds. Could I possibly grow one of each under these lights? Thank you for any help you guys can offer.
  2. well ive grown with floros 2 4ft bulbs 70W(35W each) and it turned out good for 3 plants. but it wasnt that much yield and the tops were only 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. id say u should add 3-4 35W soft white cfls to the grow and that will boost your yield. at most 4 plants but you could have massive yield off 1 plant doing LST style growing. im talkin 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce of yield off that one plant. mayb my maths off but my most recent yield was a non lst grow with two plants 1ft plant and a 2 ft plant and i got 12grams with the 4ft floro and 2 30W cfls.:smoking:
  3. thanks for the quick reply. i guess maybe i will start with what i have now and hopefully soon i will be able to afford one of these lights High Tech Garden Supply .

    If i wanted to grow 4 plants(2 medijuana and 2 ak47/lowrider) how long could i get away with the fluros before i would have to shell out the cash for the htg supply light?
  4. well i can tell u one thing and that is floros r great for veg growth but as soon as you start to flower you want to get more watts. not saying you couldnt grow killer bud with what you have but it would make it have more yield. can u give me some rep? im kinda new ill give some to you too

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