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  1. Hey Grasscity! I'm starting a PC grow box for fun. It's just a bag grow right now from some very good dank I had a few weeks ago and I've attached a picture of my plant. She (hopefully) sprouted above ground about a week ago. I was hoping you'd be able to tell me if it looks reasonable for a 1 week old plant and if anything immediately sticks out as problematic to you. I've noticed that the one cotyledon has yellowed which I've read isn't reason for a huge amount of concern but might just mean the plant is growing. If it fully dies I'll clip it off with something sterile. Additionally the stalk is purple-red which again I've read may be simply genetic but could be indicative of a phosphorous deficiency. I'll also give you a run down of what I've been doing with it. Keep in mind that this is more of a fun experiment than a hardcore grow and I'm okay with not having everything perfect so long as the plant is in decent health.
    Soil: 40% potting mix and 60% composted wood (we had a woodpile sitting in the woods for several years and cleared it recently; there was about a foot of rich red and black soil underneath)
    Lighting: Two 1450lumen 6500K CFL's I've been keeping about 2-3" from the plant. I have it loosely surrounded in foil to reflect as much back as possible (large computer case is being shipped to me at the moment)
    Water: I mist it 3-4times/day and keep the soil moist. It's planted in a solo cup sitting in a bowl which I fill with about half an inch of water once a day to keep humidity up. (Will be moving to ceramic pot once the case comes.) I use water that's been through my Brita filter because we have fairly hard water here.
    Food: I haven't fed it anything yet and it's happy in the soil insofar as I can tell. I'm going to compost some fruit and maybe some fish to add to the soil later in its life.
    Air: I keep my apartment around 70F. The plant is on a desk right now and while there is no active ventilation on it right now the air is by no means stagnant. I open my windows frequently and there is plenty of room for fresh air to flow around the foil and get to the plant. I might invest in a small fan to keep the stalk strong and I'm definitely going to need one (with a filter) for the flowering stage in the box.
    Final question: is the activated carbon in a common aquarium filter sufficient for filtering smell? I was going to make a DIY filtering system inside the case.
    Any and all advice is appreciated; let me know if you need any more information before providing advice! Stay chill, guys. :smoke:


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  2. Hey, do you mean you have the cup sat in a bowl of water?
  3. Yes. It's elevated above the water level though so it doesn't get water logged. 
  4. I purchased a soil testing kit and the results are as follows: pH: a bit above 6. Nitrogen: High   Potassium: High    Phosphorous: low-medium. So would it be wise to buy a fertilizer high in phosphorous to correct this?
  5. Hey. As many new growers do your worrying and over caring for your baby girl. Dont use any fertiliser untill those colys have fell off. The plant is using it to supply what it needs. Then start light and I mean light. 1/4 of recommend dose and work your way up . Gradually. Take the pot out of the water. Water when she needs. It. Dont worry to much.. everything looks great.

  6. Okay update. I've gotten an oscillating fan and I have it on her to make sure the stalk stays strong. I'm currently finishing up the grow box which should be ready to go today. The inside is unfinished sheet metal and fairly reflective but I'm wondering if I should paint it white? I bought a can of Krylon Dual Paint&Primer White but I'm worried about additives in the paint being absorbed by the plant. 
    She's getting a second set of leaves and is looking good. :)

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