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  1. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg I planted 10 bag seeds in rockwool cubes on March 15th, and I've ended up with 3 seedlings (most of the seeds I had we're quite old). I have them in a 4' wide x 2' deep x 4' tall cabinet I built, under 600w of cfl light ( 3x 100w 5000k bulbs and 1x 300w 6500k bulb). The seedlings have been transplanted into jiffy cups with basic potting soil mixed with worm castings, lime, and perlite. Under 18/6 light schedule. Waiting for them to get tall enough to clip a clone from each to sex.
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  2. Forgot to mention I'm using GH flora series nutes, at 50% strength. I have the full set of their nutes, including all the extras like diamond nectar and flora blend.
  3. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg The plants have each sprouted a new set of leaves in the past week, plant 3 still the smallest and growing the slowest.
  4. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Another week has gone by, and the plants have growth to show for it!
  5. image.jpg image.jpg Plants are still growing, and on plants 1 and 2 I can see roots starting to poke through the bottom of the cup! They may be growing slowly, but at least they're growing :)
  6. image.jpg Plant 1 is really starting to grow faster than the other two. After I took this picture I lowered the light a couple inches and raised plant 3 so all the plants are nearly equal distance from the light (2-3 inches).
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  7. Cfls lack light efficiency, I use them combined with LEDs in my apt for my personal grows, there perfect for home use but you need to keep your cab cool and have the lights as close to the plants as possible without them touching. And while growing with cfls, you can't use the wattage rule as there not true watts, so I use the lumen rule which is, 3500-6000 lumens per sq feet will yield successful grows. Check out my journal if you'd like.

    Mr.Nice's Indoor LED/CFL Grow
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  8. Yeah I agree. I have another reflector that I plan on adding. I've got the light about 2 inches from the tops of the plants. They just stretched a lot early on when they first sprouted. If u noticed, the nodes are all close together, there's just space before the first set of leaves.
  9. What day are they at now. Also of roots are poking out of the bottom of the cups it may be time to transplant man. Other than that just add some more light and youll be doing just fine . Subbed!

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  10. I grow with cfl's and they produce good results when used properly. Get the lights as close as possible without heat problems. And more light.

    Good luck!
  11. I cant tell if u already have from pics,but i would of already fimmd those
  12. I wouldnt worry bout they stretching so much,im sure you plan on transplanting,just add soil round stem to where the original round leaves were.they all stretch sum wen u start from bean
  13. I'm really not worried about stretching at all, cuz I'm just waiting for them to be tall enough to cut a good size clone from each to sex. These will just be mother plants or thrown away if male. But I did buy two 300w(4700 lumens) 6500k CFLs to replace the three 100w 5000k bulbs I had in there, so now there's a total of 3 300w 6500k bulbs. Will probably transplant into my organic soil mix this afternoon.
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  14. image.jpg Got my babies transplanted into my organic soil in 2 gal pots! Roots got disturbed a little while taking off the bottoms of the jiffy pots, so they got a bit of shock. Let's hope they get tall enough to clone soon! I'm definitely itching to see what sex they are.
  15. The plants are really starting to grow fast in the organic soil! They should be considerably larger when I upload photos on Wednesday.
  16. IMO I would use a minimum of 100w per plant...I grow with cfl and t5 and find this to be the best way... obviously the more the better, but for a starting point a min of 100w a plant, and yes bring your lights down some. I usually keep mine 3 to 5 inches from the tops. And for future reference when transplanting using the jiff pots, you dint need to cut the pot. The roots will go through, the pot
  17. Thanks, good to know!
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