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  1. So I just purchased a rig here off gc last week and now I'm in the process of getting my hands on someone concentrates. I do have a connect that I can get bho from , but I'm not sure on what the quality is like and if it's been purged correctly. After reading some posts in the bho thread I would really like my bho to be purged correctly lol I can get a g for 60 , but again not sure on the quality. Now I can also get an +/-ounce of bag shake for 50-60 , and it's good as Shake can be i guess, mostly from kush bags and really crystally stuff.

    What I'm wondering is if I will get more than a gram from blasting the shake rather than paying 60 for a G. I would also be able t make sure it is purged correctly. If I do blast it I ll be doing a heat purge , I know to keep it low and slow around 110 , but will I be able to produce healthy concentrate just from heat purging ? I don't really have the funds for a vac setup at the moment, but I should in the near future. I'm willing to deal with the wait of a long heat purge as long as it means it will be healthy in the end.

    tl;dr - will I get more than a g from blasting an ounce of kush trim or should I just buy a G though unknown quality? Is it possible to get a safe quality concentrate from only heat purging ?
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    vac is the obvious way to go, if your interested in making your own save up cause it's worth it in the end. Also one way to know quickly if your bho is purged is if it lights up like a sparkler or little fireworks, then its definitely got butane left in it.

    but if you want to really know the purity of your bho get it tested at a club
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    if you arent going to vac, heat purge your dish(non-scraped/non-agitated) @ 110F or so for 2-3 days at least.
  5. Alright thanks for the info guys, i knew it would be for a long time haha just wanted to be sure.

    Do you guys think i would get a better return from spraying an ounce of high quality shake, or should i just buy a g for 50-60? The ounce would be 50-60 as well
  6. Theres no way to tell, none of us know how good that shake is. Thats why I blast nugs
    Put good in, get good out

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