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Beginner, bad experience

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sarahabeed, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Hi there.

    I know that weed is different for everyone, but I’m wondering if my experiences are normal.

    I’ve smoked twice where I really felt something - once “Rise” by Tokyo Smoke and the other Penelope. One balanced, one Sativa. Both times I felt so disoriented - like I was in a dream, like my thoughts were running a mile a minute, like I was having 12 thoughts at once and every second was like waking up and remembering where I was. It was not great. My eyes never stopped darting around and neither did my brain.

    Was this because I did too much, as a beginner? Is this a typical feeing of being high? Is it normally like this, only to a lesser extent? Or is it just not a good combo with my brain? How much would be like, “one dose” for a beginner? (One long drag, etc.)

    I guess I am looking for something that will make me carefree and happy. Just to be happy and contented and hopeful. I’m just not sure if that’s something weed is even going to do, because what I’ve experienced so far is definitely not it.

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  2. If you don't smoke all the time, just take a hit or two until you get used to it. Too much thc can cause you to freak out a bit if your not ready for it.
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  3. Some people can't handle weed and I dont get it at all. My buddy complains of anxiety and shit and idk I think it's all in head

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  4. You think anxiety is all in the head? Where else could it be?

    OP, smoke just a tiny amount about 20 minutes before sex. If that doesn't do anything for you, forget it.
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  5. Ive had crazy experience s where i thought i was gonna die yet im still here id say the weed feelings of im about to die are NOT like the other times where i had to have respirator installed because i was really gonna die. Id say you just need to relax and take smaller amounts in the future also try some more cbd or indica higher strains. Good luck my friend.
  6. Great advise! Try the one hit "and wait 15 min and see" method, aka micro dosing. With today's hi strength cannabis that's all it should take for you to get decent effects from it.
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  7. How much did you smoke?
  8. Unfortunately Cannabis isn't going to help you there. Sure it can help you be a little laid-back and relaxed, may give inspiration but Cannabis doesn't bring happiness. Problem with Happiness is that it is purely based on life circumstances.

    Also as a new smoker, you really need to be easy with it.
  9. Just in case anyone was interested. I picked up some CBD skunk haze - i micro-dosed tonight and the effect was pretty good: I can’t get worked up about anything, I’m pretty chill, but head totally clear. (Only negative thing is dry mouth)

    Thanks for the advice :)
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  10. Like 1/4 pre-roll
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  11. Got ya. I can relate only because my first time smoking was back when weed didn’t really have names, just where it’s from. Cali (super super rare, never had it in my prime, maybe) then AZ or Arizona. AZ was the pressure, everything thing else was just varying degrees of Maji (middies, outdoor {grown with no love}, not schwag in anyway). Anyway smoked the gas, my life went into third person perspective. Outer body type feeling like I believe your trying to describe. If you choose to continue smoking, I’d say you’ll lose that mega high after you’ve collectively smoked an ounce (over as much time as it takes, not talking some challenge accepted type shit, but once your body and mind experiences it a few more times you’ll be past mega mind blown mode. And yes, I believe you’ll reach the nirvana your searching for. And if/when you do reach that point try not to push it and screw your tolerance to the point you have to smoke all day every day to feel “normal”. People don’t like to talk about it, but abusing weed can definitely lead to psychosis..
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  12. Penelope is pretty balanced. That’s normally a safe one for most, I would think.

    I find Penelope great for daytime use, hiking, picnic, BBQ, etc.

    You’ve got good advice already, but I’d steer clear of Sativa’s until you gain a better sense of your reaction to those. While each strain is different, with experience, you’ll learn more about how they effect you and try adding Sativa back in.

    That works for me. I love Sativa’s, but I need to watch my intake of them. Indica’s, for me, are mellowing. So, I balance my high mixing strains.

    I might be weird tho. Lol.
  13. What you described is a classic case of THC induced anxiety.

    Guess what reduces THC induced anxiety? CBD! How great is it that a plant that'll get us high will also bring us down when we get too high? I love it!

    I keep high CBD herb around to mellow out the buzz when it gets to be too intense. Works every time. :)

    By the way, I've been using cannabis for more than 40 years and a quarter of a joint is a fair bit to me, even after all that time! As others have said, just do a hit and wait 15 minutes before you take another. I find that with potent modern buds one hit is usually sufficient for a mild buzz and two or three hits will get me pleasantly high... and that's after decades of use.
  14. I suggest either a indica landrace or something close to 100 % indica or Durban poison for sativa. They cloudy confusion comes with alot of sativa strains, the degree just varies from strain to strain.

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