Beginner - AUTO FLOWERING - growing help?

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  1. Yo, so i live in the u.k and indoor cultivation is hard for me for various reasons
    i'm planning to grow outside with some sort of auto flowering strain
    can somebody give me a guide for this please?
    I'm an ABSOLUTE beginner so i dont know anything
    im planning to use seeds from.. ! Nirvana Feminised Seeds From Herbies Headshop - Nirvana Feminised Seeds Now In Stock - Updated:15/05/2011
    sorry i dont know if im allowed to post links
    but can someone tell me what strain ( under 20 pound ) i should buy
    and i want to cultivate it fast
    - it will be growing in my garden like a normal plant
    - i will be taking care everyday
    - how often should i water it ?
    can you guys also use beginnger terms with me please
    thanks :D
    newbie x
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    Also when will i know when its ready to harvest and when its flowering?
    Also im only going to be using 2-3 seeds just to see how it is
    i find this stuff fun :D
  3. I am currently growing indoors Afghan Kush Autoflowering. From everything I have read most autoflowering plants should be grown in door. They do not take well to less then 20 hours of light a day.

    I would get some non autos for your outdoor grow.

    Suggestion for your growing the stickies in the forums and google grow guides.
  4. Dude, autos dont seem to grow well with our great UK weather, am a newbie but i had 2 plants die outside but i have 4 plants thriving indoors! As for seeds have a look at herbies head shop. they give free seeds with every purchase, and the prices are not bad either, from about 6 quid!
    Good luck smoke long and prosper

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