**Beginner at growing :O .....Help shape my project with your advice :)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by themethod123, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone. Im starting this off as a brainstorm sorta thing and asking everyones input so I can make this thing a success. I have not built my grow box yet, first planning on making a blueprint before i go ahead.

    Proposed idea!!


    Few question i have about this.

    1. How many plants would i be able to grow in a box this size?

    2. Is the ventiallation ok? Should the fans blowing in be on the top or the bottom? and the fan blowing out?

    Next subject,LIGHTS!

    At my current job i have salvaged some lights that i believe i would be able to use for this. Would these lights me any use to me? If not my project is going to be in a limited budget and also due to the fact that im living in an apartment I was going to use cfls mainly.


    1.Would the lights i found be usefull?

    2. How many max wats of cfls are needed for one plant during the lights point of its growth?

    This lights that i found will need a shade but im pretty sure its rated for 450 max wats it says on the lable so i could maybe use 1 then the rest clf?
    or both with cfl?
    or just the two alone
    i dont no HELP ME OUTT!!


    First light


    second light


    thats good for now ill wait for some input before i carry on. Please ask me any question about anything i may have missed something...... :p
  2. just looked closer at the lights one said MH ( metal halide) and the other HPS ( high pressure sodium). any suggestion what to use for lights?
  3. That Box looks like a very nice setup. But the lights are a lil scary. Those are OUTDOOR lights so they are going to be hot VERY HOT. hps and mh are the way to go if in fact thats what they are.

    Mh for veg (the bulb should be short and fat, and have a blueish-white hue). hps is for flower (long skinny bulb with a orange hue). hope it helps
  4. as far as how many plants you can fit in the box that really depends on what type of plant your growing and how you prune it. i have 1 sour diesel plant that is 4ft tall and 3.5ft in diameter, and i still have 6 weeks of flowering to go.
  5. I am researching for a grow in a room about the same size. I have found many different configurations of cfls. From individual bulbs hooked up to socket splitters that go into power strips, cfl tube fixtures (what i'm leaning towards going with), even pigtail sockets hooked up to 150W bulbs. You can really create the best configuration of light that you want for your plants. Your ventilation looks good, takeout vent should be at top so hot air leaves first and cool air comes in behind it. There is also many different ways to configure plants too, you could go Sea Of Green and have a bunch of little plants or you could go for a huge bush. With CFL's good rule of thumb is 100 actual(not incandescent equivalent) watts for the first plant and 50-75 for each remaining plant or 5000+ lumens per plant. Hope this helps.

  6. so what ur saying is to go with cfl considering the small growing space? is there any chance that i would be able to pull off using one of the other lights without heat being an uncontrolable issue. if i have to use cfls i will, no problem with that but i just want to get a little more input before i make my final decision and go ahead with droppin some cashh. :smoke:

  7. Is there a door in the closet, and if so does it open into the closet or away from the closet. I ask this because if it opens inward it will take away a drastic amount of space in the closet. You obviously need to have room to open the door. If it opens outwards then you should have no problem with any 400W HPS/MH.

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