beginner, and wondering about time.

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  1. I planted a plant of some good fifty about three weeks ago(give or take), and the plant is tall and growing perfectly normal, how long will it take till it actually produces. I am beginning to grow impatient, because I dont know anything about how long it takes.............Check it out and see what you think on how long it will take, as well as if you think its a healthy plant.:wave: :smoking:

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  2. It usually takes 3-4months from when it sprouts to harvest. Be patient. Lol
  3. did you look at the pic, I mean does it look healthy. It is my first time.
  4. Your plant will start to flower about early August, will be ready to harvest round about late Sep. depends on the strain and how you like your trichomes.
  5. what kinda lighting is it under? kinda small for three weeks
  6. its average for three weeks when its a bit older feed it high nitro pottasium ferts and youll be set till harvest in sept.

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