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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bakoda24, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. Hey, this is my first post, so i have no clue if i'm doing this right, well i've germinated and have been growing a single lady (hopefully) just to try and get the feel for it. she's under a 35 watt flourecent light, is this enough? she seems real healthy. she is about 6-7 inches tall, and has only three points to her leaves, is this normal? also, my buddy that gave me the seeds said they are Northern bud, i've never heard of this before, and couldn't find it anywhere online, its not a strain of northern light i don't believe, can anyone tell me something about it?? thanx

  2. posted just fine....and welcome to grasscity

    You need more light 35w is not nearly enough,,,,It is from seed so you don't know what sex it is yet(but have faith),,,early leaves will not have all of the "points" your looking for(normal),,that will come as it grows more mature.
    As far as strain,,,I know of none merely called "northern bud"..but I do know of "northern BC bud"..I fear your only option locking that aspect down ,,is to get an honest answer from your friend of what it truly is or,,, where he ordered them from(to help narrow it down).....good luck with your baby..

  3. You need to plant a few more and get more light. If your baby turns out to be a male, your gonna have to start all over again. I started out with 14, and am now down to 8(after killing the males) and one the eight is a stinkin hermaphrodite. You can get cheap lights at ebay or any other auction site. I got a a 400w HPS for $100, not pretty, but it does the job.
  4. is it northern lights? ive also heard of a northern something bud, it might be what ndicabud said but i really couldnt remember for the life of me.
  5. well i think i found out what type of plant i'm actually growing, my friend told me northern bud is actually Canadian Hydro, only i'm not growing in a hydro setup, does anyone have a good page or explanation on how to make a hydro setup, i have the main idea...
  6. 'sup bakoda, sounds like your on your way. Higher wattage is definetly a plus, i have three seedlings in hydro(2 weeks old) and have 4 4ft. flouros at 40 wats a peice that's ,ahh, 160watts total. My little babys just started their fourth set of leaves including their embryo leaves, this set is coming out with 5 points and the plants are only approx. 4inches tall. That shows you haow the wattage helps the growth. Just got a sulpher light fixture to replace the flouros though, so tommorow I' gonna put the metal halide on the hydros and the sulpher will go into my flowering cabinet, hopefully the light from the red spectrum will help the flowering process along. Welcome to the forum.

  7. I will assume that it will be as I said before,,,Northern BC bud,,,which could be what your friend is refering to..either way...

    Don't assume because it may have been grown hydro,,that you must do the same. If you are a novice grower,,I would strongly suggest staying with an organic grow..The advantage would be allowing yourself to become familiar with the charactaristics,and needs of the cannabis plant,,,make mistakes,,and learn from them..Growing hydro is not very forgiving to errors in its environment(power failures,nutrient levels,etc),,thus you could lose your prize plants in mere hours. Growing organically ,,,your plants would merely wait for the light to come back on in the event of a power think about it,,,,

    you can be helped with both types of grows here at grasscity...many veteran growers will feel free to assist any serious questions you may have......grow well...


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