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begin flowering to see sex then snap back to vegetative stage?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by dokken6996, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. hi i have 26 plants outside of right now all about a foot and a half high and they are strong as hell cuz theyve getting use to the wind. well the thing is i need to get rid of half of these so i wanted to put them in my grow room with 2 400 watt mh lights with fans and the whole bit but i was wondering if its possible to make your plants go into flowering and once they show their sex can u snap them back into vegetative stage by putting them outside since they would be in vegetative stage if they had been outside. or would i have to switch the lights to 18/6 so they for sure are knowing that they should be in vegetative stage. would they keep flowering if i put them back outside. i have read about this in a growbook a long time ago i just want to make sure what i remember is correct before i wreck my plants, thanks
  2. IMO you should be fine. By the time you are done getting them to show preflowers, the days are going to be even longer.Just don't mess around, once you are sure of the sex, get them back outside. The worst that could happen is an early harvest if they don't reveg.

    Right now I've got 5 females I'm going to use for clone moms,one just finished budding and got chopped x-cept a few lower branches and small buds, she has been back at 24/0 lights for 4 days now and is already showing new growth.The other four started at 12/12 from seed, they were showing sex after 3 weeks of germinating.I kept two of the best from two strains and put them at 24/0 and topped them 4 days ago, and all is very well.I still have one female at 12/12 just to see how it will do from seed straight through 12/12. So, as I said, IMO you should be fine.:D
  3. That will work just dont let the plants get to far along in flowering. I have about 10 plants i started in january outside which was way too early. 2 of the plants are further along in flowering so they have been just flowering like a normal plant but the other plants i can tell are turning back into vegatation... just if you do this its likely to stress you plant out
  4. thanks for the replys i put them into 12/12 last night.hopefully all works out. so your saying that once i take them out after finding their sex it will be fine to put them right back outside i wouldnt have to put them on a 18/6 light schedule to snap them back. cuz if im correct there will be about 14 and half to 15 hours of sunlight if i just put them right back outside where i live. so what should i do? heres a few pics of my current plants

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  5. What happens with MJ is that it produces a hormone to induce flowering when put on a short day cycle/long night. It wouldn't hurt to go with an 18/6 for a bit to get the hormone to ease up.
    Daylight doesn't neccessarialy mean sunrise and sunset, it gets twilight and dusk earlier and later than sunrise and sunset.
    To be safe, and not sorry, I would do the 18/6 for a few weeks. It will prob be mid may to end of may by the time you get preflowers,turn up the light cycle, then get them back out.Good luck.

    Edit: Nice looking plants!
  6. You should never take outdoor plants and bring them indoors because of bugs. But they should be fine with a little bit of flowering and then throwing them back into veg. If you're not under 12/12 light, then they probably won't flower well when you take them back outside.
  7. i know about the bug situation but i have no other choice. did you mean theyre going to have trouble flowering when the time of season comes of if i just tried to keep them flowering after i put them outside after a few weeks? im just trying to see the sex to keep the females only growing till around september when they should start budding
  8. I have a similar problem I was given a plant that was begining to flower. I brought it inside and placed it under CFL light 18/6. It is starting to grow new veg where previous clones were removed but all the new veg is showing white pistols as soon as it sprouts. Can I put this plant on 18/6(vegetative) for another while before I put it under my HPS for 12/12 to make it flower?

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