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  1. Hey guys I'm starting out this year, I tried once before to grow but a group of deer broke my crop so I wanted to ask people who know what there doing. I need to know the basics like when to germinate, how long should I wait to plant them outdoors, how to separate male from female and how to tell when I have a hermi and lastly when should I harvest (what should I be looking for to harvest?). I also would like some ideas on how to keep animals away. If anyone has any insight it'll be more then I know thank you so much
  2. Animals... Fox urine, human hair, people pee. The rest is all available in the forums, stickies and grow guides on this site.
    Planting is based on region.
    Harvest time is based on region, seed type, and strain.
    Harvest quantity is based on 1000 factors.
    Come back for clarification, not general research. ;)

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
  3. Start now under 16-8 or 17-7 lights to be time matched when you setout around June 1st for the biggest plants..
    If you don't have that option then plant seeds outside about May 1st as seedlings need a month to mature so that lets you plant them a month early..
    Barb wire is best but nylon fishing line will work.. Remember deer can jump a 6 foot fence with ease so tie off at 8 feet or better..
    Harvest before the first frost..

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  4. So I should start germintatingnnow and get it going with germination? Or should I skip that step and plant seeds into an area to mature before going outsude

  5. I didn't want to go into too much detail I live in new Jersey..I also have gdk and green crack seeds
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  6. If you can veg them under lights till the 1st of June start now.. 17-7 is what I use..
    I veg in a broken down old garden shed with some T5 high output lights from Home Depot so nothing complex..
    Gets the job done..

  7. Thank you so much that's a sweet set up! I'm thinking about going indoors the more research I do

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