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  1. hello im a First time grower i grow indoors i grow dr.krippling incredible bulk growing for 1 week using 1x 26 watt 1000 lumens 2400k cfl bulb no fertilizes my schedule is 18/6 and i need some advice because it grows slow its a budget setup for now

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  2. I mean you should buy a larger pot
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  3. Turn the light horizontal get a bigger pot and you should probably get on Google and do some reading

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  4. Ok thx for help
  5. You're going to need to do a ton of research. We can only tell you so much you that you could find out on your own. I will recommend that when you transplant go to a fabric pot. Depending on how much space you're going to use a 3 or five gallon will be more than sufficient

    There are great grow tents out there and lots of good do it yourself box instructions as well.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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  6. Why should i get a grow tent when it can grow indoors in open space you get my point?
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  7. You don't need one if you have an open space but you still need to prepare said open space much the same way you would a tent.
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  8. Do i need more light bulbs?
  9. A grow tent isn't much money and it sure makes things a lot easier. You'll probably spend at least 50% of one's cost preparing your closet or whatever you plan on using, and grow tents are already fitted with Industry standard slots for connecting lighting, ducting, etc. You'll also have to worry less about light leaks, which could potentially devastate your crop.
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  10. Hi the mylar or ocra covering on inside of a grow tent will reflect light so need less light bulbs etc and also better good to keep bugs out and also control yr temp and humidity etc. Ive grown in rooms but still need same kit but bigger fans and more lights bigger inlet..blackout for windows.. mylar or ocra on walls etcand a big buget!!!! etc so if doin a few plants then tent a good way to go love xxx
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  11. I will try to search diy grow tents
  12. Well said eas writin same thing at same time ... great minds think alike and all that lol xxc
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  13. prepare your wallet cuz rip
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  14. Omfg I can't stop laughing

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  15. My plant didint grow that large yet for another pot so i think he will be alright for now
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  16. After that, decide if it's worth an extra 30 bucks to get a real one. I can tell you right now that you won't regret it. I recommend Apollo for good quality budget gear.

    Aside from that, it looks like she's stretching a bit. Get the light as close to the plant as possible without burning it. Use the back of your hand, if it's hot on your skin it will be hot on the plant. You want warmth, just not uncomfortable heat.

    You can also bury that stem up to the rim of your cup, I think alot of people do that.
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  17. Well i always try it put closer but the plant doesnt like it to much heat i will get 3 more bulbs tomorrow
  18. 1. Temp control.
    2. Humidity control.
    3. Maximization of light via reflective interior.
    4. Smell.
    5. Light adjustment during plant growth.
    6. Etc.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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  19. growing even one plant in a open space in an apartment in an illegal area is just not a good idea.

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