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  1. I'm brand new to growing besides doing alot of reasearch and such, but i want to grow the best product i can. Right now i am looking at autoflowering strains to start with because they don't grow that big and are fast growing. I was looking at northern lights seeds found at this link:
    I was wondering if anyone had grown these before to give me some advice and tips or tell me if they are even good or not.
    I only plan on growing 1 or 2 plants at maximum right now until i can get a better garden set up. They will be grown indoors organicly. If anyone could help me out with this so i can get what i want out of it, it would be amazing.

  2. That's funny I'm doing exactly as you are right now. Currently about to start these Northern Lights autoflowers: sure of the price , but it may be a better deal there and Herbies has great reviews all over the place.What kind of setup are you working with? Lights and wattage, what kind of grow space are you working with, what growing medium (soil,water), what/if any nutrients do you plan on using etc...I currently have a small grow space setup in my closet with 3 - 100 watt CFLs . It's not ideal but it's what I can afford within my means right now. I bought a nice store bought soil that has vermiculite and a bunch of other nice seed starting/grow soil ingredients and I am using store bought nutrients. Plants are going in 2ish gallon pots. Like I said its bare minimum but I think it will get the job done. Obviously there's a lot of things to think about and some small cash to throw down to get a grow going that is going to be worth it. I would check around the forum here and just read a bunch of grow journals/growing threads. You can learn a ton of good info . I also watch a lot of YouTube videos on growing as I'm much more of a visual learner. Do your research beforehand and you will be fine. Sorry for the long post, but if you provide some more details on your grow myself and others can better understand what's you're working with and need advice on. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. It just depends on your budget man. To me doing 1-2 plants is not even worth the time and effort as there is little payoff and are you going to keep vegging going while some are budding or are you going to let these 2 run their course and be done?
    And as far as a plant staying small, you have to get the right strain. Go for low height plants that will not grow vertically in bud but horizontally. I grew an OG Kush / Grand Daddy Purps mix and it wouldnt get higher than 3-4 feet. Then I grew some lemon stuff and it would not stop growing it would grow into the lights if you didnt flower them soon enough.
    Generally anything that is real Kush grows short with dense buds, that would be idea for you. It all depends on your goal for the outcome of these and how much you are willing to spend and invest into doing this.
    You trying to stay small with low cost or do you want to spend money set up a proper room with temeprate/humidity control with a high powered light and proper exhaust/filtering and try to get 4-6 ounces per plant?
  4. @[member="icek00b"] i will also be using CFLs when i start, i got recomended to use 104 watt 6500k bulbs to start and switch then to 2700k bulbs when flowering. Honestly for soil I was going to go to home depot. and buy the soil and nutriants there because i dont have a huge budget margine to go out and buy the speacial soil or fox farm. I plan on making my own compost and soil eventually but for right now i want to see how this works out. As for my growspace i will be making a growbox out of some large plastic tubs i found in my attic that will be big enough for everything to fit in and for the plant to go throughout its whole life in, and it's okay about the long post haha I know i left out alot of things but I'm slowly finding out more and more the more i reasearch and my plans keep changing. Eventually there will be a set plan that im going to stick with but as for right now I think i need to do more research.
    @[member="TSoaDK"] As of right now i have a pretty small budget but I know if i do it right i will be able to produce something good. As for me growing only 1-2 plants is because as of right now i just want to see how everything turns out and if growing is even for me or not. I've always been intersted in growing my own but, recently prices have went up where i live and i can't afford to pay $20/g for something I know i can grow and will probably better than what I'm getting myself. Thanks alot for the info about the kush strains i will look into them more to see if they have the medicinal properties I would also like out of my plants.
    I know I need to do more research and as of right now as I research more and more and find out new things in my area I am starting to think an outdoor grow would be better for my circumstances right now but, I would rather not deal with deer and animals eating my plants.
  5. Hello everyone I'm new to growing and I'm wondering if a 400 watt HPs mh light gives off to much heat
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    A coffee pot is 800 watts and is made to put out heat.
    So no a 400 watt light does not put out a lot of heat or light for that matter.
  7. Ok thank you it just that I hear a lot of people get in trouble because of their lights also can u recommend some good nutes for hydroSent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
    People get in trouble for running their mouth and not being legal.

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    I know a few people that have grown northern lights before, The mains on the northerns snapped with the proper organic nutes. The trainwrecks didnts because of the room they were in being limited. They have a tendency so kind of splat. They were also very small growers 4 northerns, and 2 original trainwrecks. Get a small rotisserie fan from the dollar store set at just below middle of the plants in small veg,  on light med power.  in a month 2 foot aiming, at least 6 hours a day preferably with a timer 30 mins per hour. Make sure to brace them with bamboo when they outgrow the fan. Reaim the fan for mid, trim lower branches. (Bottom 3 from stem 1 cm off). For actual organics soil follow this guide , but add the below but in marginal sprinkle quantities.
    I have heard that adding baked crushed eggshells to the mid to bottom of container, and baked and a small amount dried baked crab shells to the entire container will help immensely. They must be sanitized. No ifs and or buts.
    I would suggest that instead of going so small. you consider going 6. stick your mixture in 5 gallon pails ensuring you drill the heck out of the bottoms and few holes on the bottom one inch. (It will help with flushing) use the above link and adding as I mentioned. and using a 400 w mh hps switchable "digital ballast". You will see results. Cover your room with milar.up down, sides and door. Get or build a carbon scrubber and inline fan A carbon scrubber or two will be necessary. Note I have seen it done with a bathroom vent fan and a diy scrubber. But depending on temperature of the room this may not work for you if not self cooled ie, concrete get a cooling hood for you growlight and a fan. If from a tent put it on concrete with a 4x4 spacing, pot onto 2x4 lumber multiple 4 foot 2x4 cut at 3 feet 10inches  a an inch and a half separating the boards. The bathroom vent will work. But watch your temps. It will help cool your room while keeping roots warm. But watch your temperature.
    Try and shoot for 27 celcius. if hot at the top and low at the bottom shoot your cheap dollar store fan more downwards. 
    Do not fertilize. Water only. If you do want to provide growth aquarium water 1 every month, In small amounts. increase the water level and ensure the water is clean.
    You should have no issues, other then stupd stuff like over heat, not watering, or lack of light.
    Ps Northern lights bud is amazing if done properly.........Genetics that they got they got was 734 grams. Repeatedly Dried and cured 4 months.. Drop your cfls down the outside middle, rotating as necessary.

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