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  1. hey guys. i was wandering if its possible to plant plants at the end of summer. i know frosts will kill them, but if it doesnt really start to get super cold til november/decemeber, will the plants survive? how much coldnesss can they take? will they automatically die as soon as it hits 32 degrees? i know you couldnt plant regular strains because of the sunlight times, but would some LR# 2's be able to survive for 2 months if planted around the end of august, grow for 2 months, which is around beg. of november. would it work or would the frosts defintely kill them before picking? i live in the NE USA sort of around virginia/maryland and all, like i said it doesnt start to get cold every day til around november - decmember. granted, frosts will occur before then, but i beleive it would be here and there with constant temps around 50 or so...? i know they wouldnt grow as fast as if temps were higher, but would they work? thanks alot, sorry for long post
  2. I'm no expert at growing but it seems that you could plant them late like you want too. I'd probably go with lowryders also so they finish up quick. But other strains usually going into flowering at 12/12 days, so I think your plant would just end up flowering really small and you'd get a small amount out of it. but any amount is better than nothing.

    As for frost, I know you can put trash cans or other plastic bins over your plant when you think/know there will be frost and they'll survive.

    i'd suggest indoors if you're gonna start this late, if you can.
  3. or you could just grow shrooms
  4. hahahaha thats a better idea, "go with the season" :D those lowryders (since there's nothing else that grows in the winter) will be of poor quality. if you cut them for 70% to keep them alive for the next summer you will have 3grams tops of un-sticky bud softly said. You will have a transplantable plant ready when spring comes though, and you'll be able to select a strong female. Do cover them with plastic/paper bags with holes in them when frost comes if you try it.

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