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  1. before the chop should you put your girls in 48 hours of darkness or 48 hours of light?:confused:

    :wave:this has been very popular lately, & to me I thought the dark period is so the plant will make the correct hormones so when the light comes on she will produce flower not leaf.

    so if its the very last 48 hours the plant is alive instead of 48 hours of darkness shouldn't we be putting them in 48hours of light?

    please any comments or remarks are wanted especially from you experienced blades

  2. I could be wrong, but im pretty sure if you put it under 48 hours of light before you chop theres a big possibility of your plant herming. i see no problem with 48 hours of darkness however because i've read that having a long dark period before harvesting sends the plant into emergency mode trying to produce more resin, if that makes sense.
  3. grnganja, thanks for contributing;), I have heard and read that also.......
    but i don't think its making sense, well to me anyway:D

    anyone ever take two clones of the same plant & put one in 48hours dark and one in 48 hours of light before harvesting, then compare?

    as far as I understand it, the plant is only working during lights on, if thats true then wouldn't you want the plant to be building, not sleeping....idk

    anyone ever done a comparison like that?

    lets hear it kids:)

  4. i think plants are sent into flowering once 12 hours of darkness begins.
    any more than 12 hours of light and a plant believes its in veging. having them in 24 hours light at the end would stress them out, i think turning it back to veg or as was said stress it enough to hermie.
  5. I have no actual scientific evidence to back this up right now but one thing I have noticed about my plants is this:

    My plants always look more crystallized in the morning before the lights turn on compared to the end of the day before the lights go off.

    It seem to me that light degrades resin. I could be totally wrong but this is just what I have experienced.
  6. thanks lovbud, appreciate the input

    cpeters, thanks for checking us out & participating

    what I think I am going to do is at the end of my current grow I am going to harvest half of my crop one half at a time. the first half I will pull half of each plant then put them into 48 dark

    the second half i will harvest half of each plant then put them back into 48 of light.....& compare
    will be interesting to see if i can notice a difference

    please pipe in if you have any thoughts on this sublect


  7. he's right. the less light your buds are exposed to, and the less they are shaken around/touched between the time they are harvested and the time you smoke them, the stronger they will be
  8. thanks clongo
  9. i personally don't think that harvesting half and then putting them back into whatever you're going to do is a bad way to test it because you're basically cutting half the plant away. you can't tell me that won't have some sort of effect on the plant.

    i would just take two clones of the same mother vegged, flowered, fed, and treated the same way, and on the chop day test out both 48hours of light and 48 of dark and see what happens. it seems like it would be the most controlled way to test it.
  10. If you really want to have those plants throw out trich's in the last few weeks, substitute the last six hours of HPS with the same wattage of GE Reveal Bulbs for the last two weeks of the cycle. You'll never have seen anything so frosty and potent. :hippie: Unless, you're too scared... but everyone is the first time they realize that a properly managed red to far red ratio can make plants do some very desirable things. :rolleyes:
  11. you have done this first hand Clongo?
  12. Does not make any difference.
    Its all about the cure.
    I've tried it several ways, once for five days with the root ball packed in ice..............
    The plant may appear frostier after the dark exposure, causing some to think trich production was increased or ....amplified, when really all that has happened is the leaves are dehydrated from being in the dark. Just my observation.........
    peace B
  13. thanks for joining in Buda, & I appreciate all the comments folks ....but I got to know is that your observation of your grows or other peoples grows?

    lol all the voices in my head are singing "OPG " hehe

  14. Hey Clongo,

    Can't find true spec on this bulb but there is several cases that show 660nm spectrum LED bulbs (no 680nm specrum present) will allow huge increases in resin gland head size. Wonder if the Neodymium used in the Reveal bulb is in this spectrum range?

    Gonna give it a shot. Thx for the inspiration.

    I see an increase in resin with a dark cycle. Also, as someone pointed it earlier, Light degrades resin.

  15. great point animus, but with any crop i put a third to cure a third xtra 48 light and a third xtra 48 dark ....all the same except the end i will hopefully have a harvest on st. Patrick's day a long 24 more days.


    yeah saw the hash tips thread verrrrrrry interestinggggg??


    mr clongo- how many grows do you have? ... no dis respect i just don't know


  16. I really want to try this but i can not figure out exactly which buld to buy, theres the floodlight and the ones that looks normal. and what watt do i buy? i am mostly finding 60 watt. any help of feedback is greatly appreciated!!:D
  17. Okay, this will probably throw everyone in a hissy but here it is does flourecent light help. I've read many mags, journals, and met one grower who use both mh and hps. Also think it was erowid grow journals and an old high times that said to increase crystal production. A few years back I had a few plants that no longer fit in my grow room so I threw them out back. Our backyard light was almost constantly on and less than ten feet from them. Dispite what everyone says about dark period and light these plants were far enough to contiue to flower and had huge crystals. Just going to do a side by side experiment with this to finally put this thing to rest.
  18. I've smoked an identical phenotype from an outdoor grow and an indoor grow. While the presentation of the indoor was spectacularly better, including terpinoid concentration, aesthetics and smoke quality...

    The outdoor shit got me way more baked.

    One of the major theories for why Cannabis produces such unique trichomes (prior to the enthobotanical relationship with homo sapiens a few thousand years ago) was that the UV absorbtion properties of the THC (in combination with other features) were meant to shield delecate calyxes from intense sunlight exposure.

    We also know from studies that UV light (as well as IR light) degrades the chemical makeup of THC at vastly quicker rates than without said stimulus.

    We can also find information that suggests that trichome production is the result of a chemical produced during photosynthesis that is stored in the plant, allowing trichome production to continue even if the plant is not actively recieveing photoelectric stimulation from lights. Eg. trichs grow in the dark too.

    If this hypothesis is correct, we can speculate that an increase in UV activity PRIOR to harvest followed by a period of extended cool darkness could induce an increase in Trichome production if given enough time.

    The margins of increase juxtaposed to the rate of degradation and rate of production, compounded by the variable limiting resources of the plant's'd be hard to say whether it does or doesn't do anything.

    Now with that said, the best bud I've ever grown was taken out of bloom after flushing and left to sit in the dark for over a week. The plant died and dried on the stem, and OMFG, compared to the other 3 runs of the same phenotype, this one blows them all out of the water, both in appearance, turpenoid concentration and IMO(without efficacy) potency.

  19. :wave:

    wow man that is some food for thought died and dried in the dark .... wow hm... might have to try that thanks GrapeStreet for sharing + rep when it lets me
  20. ya. salmayo and dogsnova taught me at a different site. use a 1-1 wattage ratio between hps and halogen. simulate sunup with the ge halogens first, finishing with the hps keeps the metabolism going faster into the night than using a higher far red. you can add 2700k cfls to make up for the loss of efficiency too.

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