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before or after

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iwantsalvia, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. is it better to smoke a J before or after work
  2. ...both?
    Depends on how tedious your job is, and how you handle being high. If you just sit there chink eyed giggling to yourself, you probably shouldn't be seen by your employer.
  3. Like someone said, depends on your job.

    If you're a brain surgeon, probably after.

    If you've got a pretty typical job though, I'd say before (and after).
  4. It depends if you can control yourself and not look high while at work. You'll feel great when you're smoking that J after a hard days work though.
  5. i always roll a j in the morning and keep it in my car until the drive home. nothing like facing a huge joint all to yourself after a hard day of work.
  6. im just going to do both i will just buy more after work
  7. when in doubt of wether or not to smoke, the easiest way to choose is to smoke^_^

  8. Depending on the job, it could make the difference between staying employed and getting fired for being a dipshit and coming to work high.
  9. we need a more specific question.

    are we talking about if you only had one joint for the entire day? if so, i would say smoke it after work.
  10. i would wait till after. where do you work?
  11. I prefer after... but that's because I work on and with people all day. when I used to be a barista, it was before, during, and after. so it really depends.
  12. i work in an office where i wouldnt be able to work very well if i was stoned. i used to be a waiter, got stoned every shift.

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