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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bluecanary007, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. ok, so i'm about to try my hand, and i have a spot selected. i fear that it may be too small, so i was wondering if anyone has any tips for a small space. the space in question is a cabinet that is two feet deep, 18 inches across, and five feet high, with a removable shelf at the three foot mark.

    any input would be much obliged.
  2. That's not at all too small. The smallest I've ever seen was under 1 cu. ft.

    With a 24"x18"x60" grow room, I would have just one plant at about 2' 6"-3'. I would suggest using compact fluorescent lights, as those emit very little heat. Add in inlet and outlet fans, and you're ready to go.

    And really, if you wanted to go all out, you could put that divider in and have the top area be for vegetation/cloning. Same lighting system--compact fluorescents.

  3. good ventilation can also get you an hps in that space
  4. Then again, with space enough for one, possibly two very small plants, the expense for an HPS would hardly be worth it. If you wanted to, you could get a 70w HPS from, I've not been able to find HPS in lower wattages.

    Honestly, though, if you compensate with numbers for lower lumens, cfls will easily pay off.

  5. many thanks for the input. i am starting construction in the cabinet, and i am planning on using an 80mm ball bearing computer fan i have left over from a system i built to blow air out of the top of the cabinet. i was hoping to run it off of a 9volt battery, so it will run a little slower and a little quieter. when i went to change it over, i noticed that it had three wires from the fan to the connector. i'm sure i knew that before, but never paid any attention. i am assuming one must be ground, but does anyone off hand know which it is? there is a black, a red and a yellow. if i had to guess once to save the world, i'd guess yellow, but if anyone knows for sure, that would be sweet. otehrwise, i will just have to try until i find the right one.

    also, i am thinking i will be starting out with the cf system, just to see how i do. if i feel like it, i can always ugrade for future grows.
  6. ...and if anyone has some good tips for LST, i'd love to read those too.
  7. my journal and jaytbell...we both have pictures and info on lst on our logs.
  8. yeah. i read both of them last night. is it really as easy as it looks?
  9. Hey Dread

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but lst would also fall under the same category as any other training method that the results vary by the strain, right? I've tried it a couple times, but it didn't give me nearly as good results as just basic topping. Just wondering.

  10. sup fellas, Low Stress Training, it would have to fall under light plant abuse...or atleast that my definition of it... while Fim and Topping require destroying and removing plant parts. ive tried the FIM and Topping and i think a lot of it is strain dependent. not all plants are going to respond the same to certain training. example, a sativa is not going to respond well to lst, but may respond better to topping or fimming. an indica because of its inherent genetic makeup to be short and bushy is a perfect prospect for lst. ive learned fimming or topping an indica gave me more sites than i wanted, but diminished bud size since there were so many points. with a bigger pot, that problem coulda probably been solved. with the lst, youre not destroying plant material. your just redirected plant growth. thats it. you effectively slow down any tip that grows above any other by tying it down creating an even canopy and also allowing bottom growth to catch up with top because of extra light exposure. yes its really that simple and i would recommend you try it on at least one plant to see results.

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