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Before I get high...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by InnerCity, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Before I get high I always make sure:

    1) Do the dishes.
    2) Cats are fed.
    3) Doors locked.
    4) I usually take a piss.
    5) Get my munchies prepared. (It's a lot easier and the food is so much better when it's prepared beforehand.)
    6) Stare at my weed for a bit.
    7) Close the door.
    8) Open the window.
    9) Turn on music.
    10) Get stoned.

    Now I should mention this only takes like 4 minutes (except for the food of course) but it's my personal ritual when it comes to smoking. I should mention that when I smoke I smoke to get fucked up so not a damn thing is getting done afterwords. I'm kinda weird too.... :D
  2. I do that stuff after I get high...way less tedious.

    But good thread idea man props.

    Before I get high I get snacks and drinks. I also get the remote :smoke:
  3. Before I get high I pack the bowl ;)
  4. "5) Get my munchies prepared. (It's a lot easier and the food is so much better when it's prepared beforehand.)"

    FALSE. SO FALSE. Sometimes you need a high mind to make what you really want, plus think about it there are things you would totally eat high that the idea of sober would gross you out, and the adventure is usually very rewarding

    Didnt have any mayo the other day for my tuna to I used french onion dip, so good.

  5. Good point. I ate liver while stoned and it was really good. Makes me gag when I'm sober though.
  6. i agree with op... its like all the chores for the day are done... ahh now time to relax. it feels more rewarding then to get high and do all your shit and then just smoke more weed
  7. Before I get high, I make sure I get all my errands complete so I can reward myself with a nice bowl to finish my fucked up day.
  8. I feel less weird now. Thanks guys lol
  9. I do the same thing. Then I can just relax and not have to worry about any shit I have to do.
  10. I toke first and then do all the shit around my place i have to do. Makes it more entertaining for me.
  11. That's only if im smoking some danky kush.

    If its hybrid or sativa, then i smoke first and do all that shit later like someone else said. Makes it so much more enjoyable :smoke:
  12. the other day i made a LOT of guacamole, while high, the feeling of smashing palta... it was like having sex with my hands
  13. Yeah I usually do something similar. I just make sure everything's in order and finished and all smoking equipment is ready to be stashed directly afterward. Then just kick back and enjoy the ride :p
  14. Before I get high...
    1. Fill up ice trays with water
    2. Put a bottle of filtered water in fridge
    3. Clean bong with Iso & salt
    4. Grind my weed
    5. Test my lighter
    6. Grab my Smoke Buddy tm Filter
    7. Fill bong with ice & bottled water
    8. Turn on A/C or Fan
    9. Turn on Spotify and play favorite tunes.
    10. Toke and continue with daily activities.
  15. I guess I'm a functional stoner, but I blaze up and then do all of that...and then smoke some more.
  16. i usually get green then roll up or pack a bowl
  17. 1) Roll a joint or pack a bowl.
    2) Smoke.
    3) ????
    4) Profit!
  18. I fill my bong, bowl, and then I get high. I do all that productive shit after I smoke.
  19. Music. Pack the bowl. Get food/drinks. Find a video game to play or movie to watch.
  20. Before I get high, I get high..

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