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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by xplicitcontent, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. alrite, im completely new to this but i sorta get the concept of growin. anyways, here's a layout for a basic setup i was thinkin

    area about 4-5' long, 1.5' wide, and 2.3' high. does that seem workable for maybe 6 of em or is it too small. the light will only be around 2' feet from the soil but i tihnk imma extend the height if need be. also, i think i got the circulation and reflecting covered, and im thinkin maybe a 400hps light, i dunno. i figure after this step, itll be easier on from here since i dun even kno how to start.

    also, if i germinated the seeds and picked up the seeds with my fingers gently, did i jus kill em?
  2. HIGH All, too small..your height is 2'3" or 2' or 3' not HIGH enough especially when hanging your light 2' from the soil...dosen't give you much height for your plants to grow..

    Picking just germed seeds up with your fingers (I think) is a no have oils on your hands that the seeds don't seem to some people don't know their own strength. Me I use a straw to pickup the seeders.
  3. I wouldn't give up.... lowryder might work, maybee some fluros so you can mount them higher.....
  4. Yea, I've seen some pretty good grows on OG with only 2.5 ft for height, he just trained them under a SCROG, only two plants though with 1.5 oz yeild.
  5. well 5 out of the 6 seeds survived and sprouted nicely. i still have yet to set the grow space up though. the whole light deal won't be a prob. imma expand the distance since imma use some hps lights.

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