Before I Buy a PS3

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  1. Yeah, on the weekends I like to have some late night gaming sessions but have to keep it quiet for my neighbors. The headset is great for this.      First time I played the Last of Us, I plugged these in instead of listening thru my SS speakers.  I love em.
        I think you are right shermdawg about not getting PS4 right away..... there are alot of awesome games to play on the PS3 that you can pick up on a budget
    I dont plan on picking up a PS4 till there are at least 5 epic games I must have.
    when it comes to consoles I usually dont pick one up until at least 3-5 must have games 4me are released

  2. Yeah, I just bought a PS3 recently too and there were many reasons I didn't get a PS4 instead.
    The PS3 was half the price. There are a bunch of games I wanted to play that aren't (and I don't know if they will ever be) available on the PS4, especially given the lack of backwards compatibility. The PS3 has been out for 7+ years now so they've had time to release updated models and fix bugs or hardware defects or whatnot, while the PS4 is still brand new and I don't trust that there won't be any issues with it. 
    As it stands, I got the PS3 and 5 different games (or I guess 7 since one is the AC: Ezio Trilogy) and still spent $60 less than I would have on just the PS4 console. 
    I'll probably get a PS4 around the time they start talking about PS5. :p 
  3. ^^^Ps4 is still a little buggy its better to be patient and wait for improved models of the ps4 to come out. Sent from my~★☆GALAX¥ $4☆★ U$ing Tapat@lk 4
    Felt like a silly idea to jump straight from a PS2 to a PS4 anyway. I wanted to keep going on the Assassin's Creed series so bad too, I played the first one on my computer but it wouldn't run even the second one very well. :p 
  5. On another note, when I first got the PS3 I couldn't find a spare HDMI cable so I just used the AV cable. I was still impressed with the graphics because fuck man, I'm coming from a PS2 over here. 
    But then I found an HDMI cable and omg, super huge difference. It's like I got a new console all over again. :laughing: 
  6. same goes with the time you get them patches are out, so therefore better gameplay  (in some cases)    plus expansions are bundled cheaper etc....
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    fuccckkkkk that. enjoy your self, if you enjoying riding a bike and going to gym then by all means do that. i personally enjoying getting stoned and playing games with my friends every night. and its not nearly as expensive and people assume it is if you play on PC. consoles are a bit more of a rip off. 
    edit: buy a pc instead of a ps3. youll save money in the long run with steam sales and the huge amount of fun f2p games. look up smite and loadout
  8. If you like buying games that last awhile to beat, FarCry3 and Mirrors Edge(which I'm sure someone put) are 2 great ones.
  9. Dude, I've bought two ps3 slims off Craigslist for half what a store sells them for. PS4....they haven't even worked the bugs out of the 3 yet. So no. Also, for TV...get the biggest HD you can get..... NETFLIX my man. You can't go wrong with an $8 a month plan for movies and TV shows. And that is what you want a big screen for. Or if you know someone that already has a subscription...get their login info.

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