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  1. I bought a Pax by Ploom off of ebay. The unit has a 10 year warranty that the company will not honor because eBay is not an authorized distributor. The unit was sold to someone from to sell on eBay. is aware of Ploom's policy on 3rd party distributors, but are violating it by working with or just even knowing about someone purchasing from them to sell on ebay. I contacted the seller about it needing repair, He contacted and a lady there contacted Ploom to set up my account so it could be sent in for repair. That there tells you is aware of what the seller is doing with them. This was explained to Ploom and I was told the following. It is a clip from an email from a Ploom rep.

    The bottom line is we don't utilize online retailers so any Pax purchased online shouldn't be there, even if the store owns a brick and mortar location, they aren't supposed to offer it online.

    Then he proceeded to tell me...

    I want you to know we don't want to make life more difficult for you and we would love to make our product more widely available but we're killin it at the moment and life is good, don't mess with success,

    Then when talking to the Customer Service manager about what is doing...she proceeded to tell me....

    Kelly (Ploom)
    Aug 28 13:50 (PDT)

    Vape World is an authorized distributor of Ploom products. eBay is not unfortunately. We've logged this particular device's serial number in our records. is one of only a few authorized online retailers. Before making any investments in high end products it's always best to check with the manufacturer before hand.

    They are awfully cocky and very unsatisfactory customer service. The end user is paying for a distributor not following Ploom's rules on online sales. It is amazing how the first rep said it should not be available online for purchase then when questioned about all of a sudden they are authorized to sell online. Seriously what consumer contacts the manufacturer before buying their product or goes to their website to read the warranty rules. I don't know about most people but I only look at warranty information when in need of warranty service This company is a joke steer clear of them. My main point with it all is if is authorized to sell online then why in the hell does it matter where I bought it online as long as it was brand new at purchase. If only the person who purchased it has the warranty what about those given as gifts? I think the company is just trying to get out of honoring their warrant What is the difference between vapeworld website and. EBay....not a damn should not matter where the product was bought, the company should be grateful a unit was sold.

    A great alternative is the VM3 by volatizer. It is slightly bigger, has better exact temp control and its battery last 4 times longer. My unit had an issue after the warranty ran out but they still fixed my unit for free. Unlike the Pax that needs cleaned weekly to keep at optimum performance, I rarely have to clean my VM3

    Remember kiddos they are "killen it at the moment so why mess with success" and that "when investing high end products its always best to check with the manufacturer".

    Ploom is going to continue selling units to to get that income even though its been brought to their attention what is actually happening over at which one would assume is a blatant breach of sales agreement between the 2 companies. In the end myself the consumer/end user takes the hit and I sit here with a broken unit. According to Ploom insists it is my fault because I didn't check their warranty page on their website where it explains about 3rd party distributors. All I can say is I've never dealt with any more of a greedy company which their comments prove. You would think with it being a fairly new product on the market they would be trying to please any consumer with an issue. They also had the balls to include in their email that I should feel free to purchase any accessories I need for my pax from them.

    All in all Poor Customer service, and horrible experience with the product. Broke in less than a week.

    If any consumer wants to see the correspondence between myself and Ploom feel free to msg me on AIM psych0sis98 I will be happy to share!
  2. Absolutely agree with you. If a MFR distributes a product and as long as it is authentic they should honor the warranty. It is basic business that a MFR sells to a distributor, who sells to many wholesalers, who sells to retailers, who sells to the public. 
    This chain alone will basically void the warrant of all teh products unless you bought them direct from ploom. 
    This is just a way for them to not honor the warranty. Basically get people to buy it with the advertised 10 yr warranty and then stick it to them. 
    Also, if they are killing it as well as they say they are, then it should not be a problem honoring the warranty. 
  3. There are a few manufacturers who do no warranty units bought from unauthorized dealers now.
  4. they are telling me that only the original purchaser from vapeworld holds the warranty and its non transferable. well what about those given as gifts to people? is there warranty void? also like weedlover said if they are doing so great as they bragged in the email telling me to gfys why would they not want to protect the consumer who is using the product and take the issue up with the authorized distributor. NOT Ploom that distributor is more important then the consumer. also if the ebay seller holds the warranty why cant i send it back to him and have him send it in to get repaired, nope cant do that! they added the serial number to whatever list they spoke about and it will never have a warranty. I also find it hard to swallow that they expect the consumer to go to and go to the warranty section to find out about 3rd party all honesty who in the hell does that.....but because i didnt its my fault im in this bs
  5. Also if anyone wants to point me to different major forums or customer review sites I should hit to spread this msg please fill me in :)

    If I can save one person from ending up in my situation then I served my purpose.

    Also little info on how f'd up this company all started today from ploom telling me they received my device and that he had fixed it but was unable to further service the warranty because it is an ebay device. So I started questioning them about it and informing them of how this situation came about they didn't like their last email to me it says we are returning your unit to you with the stuck mouthpiece as it is not covered under a valid they fix it then not like what I was questioning so they had the tech disassemble it again and return it back to the condition the received it in. In a way I guess I sorta hit them back is they sent me a return label they paid for, then they paid a tech his hrly rate to repair it, then to be assholes they pay him again to put it back way it was, and finally they have to pay the return shipping.

    The only good thing about it is that I am almost positive I can repair the device the time it broke I didn't have the tools to remove the security screw and I thought at the time it was warrantied so why void it...since when I sent it in I ordered a tool kit with every security bit for every style screw or bolt so when it arrives I will repair it.

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