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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Mr_Criminal, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Hey, anyone that grows their own, or anyone that knows for sure that the pictures match up...
    Can you show me a picture of the plant growing/flowering, and then a picture of the same plant after its bud has been dried and is ready to smoke?
    I'm just trying to get an idea of what looks like what, cause I have no idea of what a good plant should look like as it grows, but I know what good ready to smoke bud looks like.
  2. You guys don't like me.. waaaah.
  3. good question....but i dont grow so i cant help you.
  4. Mr Criminal, I would suggest reading through some of the Grow Journals, as many of them have pictures. I garuntee you'll get all the pictures you need.

  5. HIGH All, hard to help out a Brutha who doesn't want to help himself. Just a little work on his side would give him his anwser.
  6. wow, this is kinda old. way to dig stuff up, luke. :D and yea.. thanks for the help guys. before i posted this i had honestly looked around the best i could for a pic of a plant as it grew, and then of the same plant all dried and ready to smoke, but, i couldn't find it. or maybe i did find it and just didn't know it. see, i had thought all the pics i saw were the plant growing, then pics of it right after it was harvested. cause i didn't think it could look all sticky and fresh after a month or so of drying like that..
    but, yea. i'm an ass. thanks guys. :D
  7. your not an the reason hmegrown looks better than what you buy is that some growers, especially commercial, will shake the weed first, to get a lot of Keif, these are pure THC crystals, and it looks like a fine powder..........they even shake most weed in the Dam too, but it's still imagine what it's like smoking some of Unoits weed, or any of the growers here! it can be that sticky, and yes it is actually that good in real life too..............Peace out.........Sid

    p.s. sometimes the growers keep the best plants for themselves, and sell the rest on........

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