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  1. so lately these big bees have been comin in my room and hangin out on my screen, and ive made an alliance with them.

    so i took some pictures of one today, sorrys for crappy pics i had to use my phone, i have a nikon em but i need to get it fixed.

    i also tried to get him high but he showed no obvious signs of being stoned:smoke:


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  2. ...uh..ok. Don't get stung, it fucking sucks. Wasps are traitorous bastards, do not trust them for long.
  3. Those are wasps, not bees. Their sting is a lot worse and they have a very bad temp. Dont mess with them

  4. QFT. Fucking hate wasps. I had one land on my leg, and sting me like 5 times. Shit hurt. Hornets are the worst... Imagine a wasp on steroids... And tripping balls. They sting the first person they see, and then drink your blood...:smoking:
  5. man i hate those motherfuckers. they scare the shit outta me, especially the bigger ones that are bright orange wqith black wings.
  6. well i got within an inch of him when i took those pics and my dad tickled ones antenna yesterday and they didnt seem to mind
  7. you're nuts. wasps suck.

    but, hey, maybe you found a hippy wasp haha
  8. Bees freak me the fuck out, same with spiders.
  9. you should train them to do your bidding. . . keep them in a little jar with holes and use them as attack bees, no one fucks with a swarm of angry wasps
  10. You said bees... and you bring us wasps!?! Those bastards are straight up assholes! They thought they were going to try to build a nest in the corner of my kitchen window sill. Think again, I doused that bitch with a half can of wasp spray! Everytime I see one, they get like 1/4 can of spray on it's ass. They seem to be getting tougher, lately though. Last week, there was one on my porch, and he was sprayed, but he didnt go down for like another 45 seconds...
  11. The poisons are made to instantly kill them. It may take a while, but just getting a little on the will kill it
  12. How do they get in?
  13. Our grow areas are infested w/jumging spiders and at least 5 or 6 different kinds.

    Reason I mention my spiders is because their worst fear has to be wasp. I watched a small velvet wasp paralise a wolf spider 4 times his size. Then "she" drug/flew it 3 yards and buried it w/one egg in it. Nasty death.

    Catch the wasp and let him out side.

    Bees are our means of pollination four many grasses. So no bees=no bier and I can't have that...j/k

    Only kill what you're willing to eat.
  14. LOL They didn't sting you because they were stoned!! :smoking::smoking:
  15. haha ^ that may be true.

    well anyway i ended up killing him because im a human and he couldnt find his way out, so his time was up:devious:
  16. haha that's awesome, when i had a bunch of ants in my room, all up my wall i got them hella stoned.......there was a fat straight line of them and after i took a hit i blew it towards them. After about 10 minutes of smoking they were everywhere.....then i took a shoe and killed them all.....
  17. yeah, wasps are malicious ass holes! you tease us with nice cuddly bees and then deliver this biggest pricks in the insect world! they sting for fun. i dunno if its against the rules to talk about getting bugs high so delete plz if it is but wasps do like weed. i wouldint trust them but maby smoke them up untill they trust you and get the whole nest to go and do your biddin'. "whats that mf'er? ok then, Wasps! attack that asshat!" haha. i threatened to sting someone at work with a wasp yesterday if he didint buy me a soft pretzel.
  18. haha thatd be so sick , i could be the bee whisperer

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