Bees Resistant To Monsanto’s Roundup Illegally Seized By The Illinois Ag Dept

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  1. They don't want Monsanto pesticide resistant honey bees. They want the bees to die off. So we would have a major food crisis because there is no bees around to do what they naturally do. Pollinate crops and shake seeds off flowers. Monsanto will fuk this world up. There is no "reset" button if they over due it.
  2. Fuck the machine
  3. It doesn't matter what anyone does NATURE will adapt just like these fellas have resistant bees. Things adapt just as quickly as they change.

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  4. ^^^Untill you start modifying the very genetics of things with synthetic (sometimes not fully tested) chemicals and pushing the balance of nature completely out of whack. (I dare you to try and find ANYTHING that has adapted to DDT, just to name but one.)
    Monsanto is fucked up. they are trying to secure 100% control of the worlds food supply. If this happens, it will be them and only them who decides who eats, what and when. The human race at large CANNOT let them achieve this, otherwise we are all pretty much fucked. It's an attempted consolidation of not just the worlds seed stock, but the entire food chain.
    to combat this people need to start growing their own fruit and veg, rather than buying it. we also need to stop relying on store bought, pre-packaged soils and fertilizers. because at the end of the day, most of these have had at least SOMETHING to do with Monsanto, whether it be crazy GM additive ingredients in a commercial fertilizer, or even a chemical pesticide sprayed on that pumpkin you just bought at the shop, chances are those chemicals were synthetically produced in a Monsanto funded lab.
    The ability to raise and keep viable seed stock and to cultivate gardens that can operate completely organically, and therefor perpetually, is a skill the world is rapidly losing. unless younger people start learning such skills, this knowledge will be completely lost within 1 or 2 generations, and when this happens, we wont be able to grow our own food anymore, anything we do raise will either die because we don't know how to take care of it or it's own genetics will be so watered down due to the cloning of clones of clones of clones that it wont be worth or even fit for human consumption.
    It's becoming more and more obvious as time goes on that Monsanto themselves realise all this, and that most others don't. in fact I dare say they would be relying on that fact. but we can stop it.
  5. Monsanto is definitely deeply tied into the NWO power machine, as they are a Rockefeller funded company and have over a dozen former employees now in government positions. The struggle against Monsanto is humanity's struggle, and the vast majority of the population is unwittingly contributing to their genocide...

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