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  1. Well, I know this is a marijuana forum, but lets talk about gods gift to man (besides weed), BEER! i am a huge beer fanatic. I have to say my favorite beers are budweiser, magic hat, and coors. I also LOVE beer pong and i bet i could skunk half of grasscity with my hands tied behind my back.

    Who else on Grasscity loves beer as much as i do :D?
  2. Oh, how I love my beer. I love it. But, I had to slow down. Waaaaaay down. I was downing a 12 pack a night.

    To most of you, that's a nightly routine. But, I had to change it.

    Give me a nice, ice-cold dark beer anyday. A thick, creamy stout or a nice, rich lager. Mmmmmmm....
  3. I'm with you on that. #9 is such a tasty brew. :p
  4. Are you a beer fanatic or a cheap watered down achoholic beverage fanatic?

    (possible derailment)
    And why do people even play drinking games? I just drink when I wanna drink, as fast OR as slow as I want.
  5. I love Guinness, Brilliant!
  6. Its about fun.
  7. Blue Moon, Sam Adams, and MGD motherfuckers. Love them beeeers
  8. natural light here,,, i aint into drinking fast or all that,,,,

    i met a girl tonight at my cousins,,, chick walked in drinking a natty,,, and then opened a bag of ''funyuns'' my favorite chips,,,,

    she dont know it yet,,,, but im gonna get some of that ass,,,, she lives right next door to my female cousin and shes single...

    i invited her to bike fest,,, a little local thing going on in my town this weekend,,,,

    i told her it's one thing to go,,, it's another thing to go on a bike,,, which mine was sitting outside,,,,

    ''proably the reason she knocked on the door'':cool:
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  10. ^^^ MGD and Adams FTW!!

    I'm also a huge Bud fan. Are we also allowed to discuss liquor in this? What the hell; Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, and Captain Morgans (sometimes).
  11. You chose some NASTY beer as your favorites.
  12. I am not a huge fan of alcohol but find it much easier to drink beer. I like it more than hard liquor... well maybe not more than Rum and Coke but other than that beer is the way to go.
  13. Im gonna bring this thread down and tell you that I HATE Heiniken and have pretty much the same feelings towards Bud except for an occasional one.
  14. Nothing beats a nice cold guinness and a bowl of dank. MmmmmmMMM!
  15. When I drink beer I normally drink MGD. I like beer, but I like rye better!
  16. Mad Dog and Boulevard (locally brewed). Boulevard Lager. mmm.. The rest tastes like piss, so.. vodka ftw.
  17. beer, beer, beer, hooray for beer! i love GOOD beer. basicly anything from germany, ireland and nederland. im drinkin hacker-pschorr and mgd now.

  18. For some odd reason, i always end up drinking a:
    40 oz. if i'm feeling cheap.
    Bud ice 40oz.
    or busch.

    I cannot STAND bud light, its only one notch above natural light. I don't mean to insult, but once someone gave me a natty light, i took a sip, then asked for a water. I dunno why, that shit tastes like a loaf of bread to me. i like cheap beers...but natty really pushes it. One of my favs tho, seriously, busch i cant help it.
    drinkin one now...
  19. Meh, Those were nasty beers: Coors, Bud, Natty Ice...

    I LOVE Miller, And will drink heineken When I'm already drunk. but miller is a very very nice beer, along with sam adams.

    But a glass 40oz of Steel reserve (211 *****s!), 40oz's to freedom Dog! :D

    As far as hard liquor:

    Grey Goose
    Ketel one
    Absolut mandarin is a nice vodka for screw drivers
    Belvedere is aiight from time to time, but too much flavor in it...

    FUCK bacardi, with a captial F.
    Captain Morgan is nice too!

    I LOVE Patron and Henessey as well. Both are quite tasty, but quite expensive, haha.
  20. ive never tried a 40, whats a really good one? i heard colt 45 was good...

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